Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yosemite Sam!

I think people seriously underestimate the power of Chicken Noodle Soup. Just sayin'.

Seven more days until I move into the dorms! Hoorahhh!! I'm in agony, really. I can't wait. Okay, I have to talk about something else. I must distract myself!

Does anyone else get sudden urges to do things? Like...wear a ton of bright purple eye-shadow and get chest-peice tattoos? I believe I have a rebel inside of me, ya know? For real. It really pisses me off that all the tattoos I want are in places a wedding dress would make visible. Which is why I think I am so in favor of a tattoo on my stomach. Why am i talking about tattoos? I'm seventeen. I also would like to put some more high lights in my hair. I keep saying I will but I never do. This frustrates me. 

I know why! Because I'm in Austin right now! It's true. Yesterday, I went to Zen to get some AWESOME Chinese* food. I ended up being squashed in line between one Scene-looking girl with leopard print and star tattoos on her shoulders, and another tatted up girl clad in complete 50's stay-at-home-mom clothing and red lipstick. There were so many tattoos on her I couldn't even focus long enough to tell what they were. She was talking to the guy behind the counter, telling him about the new "work" she had done, and while he had no visible tattoos, he was just as out-there as the two women with his giant Yosemite Sam mustache hanging from his face.

Like I said, I'm in Austin. Which means I'm visiting familia. My step mom, aunt, and I all went shopping at TJ Max yesterday and made an absolute killing. I got a lot super cute clothes, including one giant navy blue sweatshirt. Why is this significant?
This is me showing you how sad I am it's not winter, which would enable me to wear this sweatshirt constantly.

1. I really, really like navy blue. I like it so much I've considered having a navy blue wedding dress instead of a white one.**
2. I have a sweatshirt now! The other ones I have are mostly from ex-boyfriends...which is kind of awkward, even if they are super comfy.
3. It's extremely soft and fits me perfectly. It has a large hood for my large hair and everything!

After the TJ Max killing, I was in charge of Annabelle for the night as my parents and aunt went out on the town for a friend's birthday. She was supposed to fall asleep before they left, BUT, because she MISSED me, we stayed up alllllll night together. She is such a nut. She was so hyper! She can't walk or even crawl yet, but man can she roll around and make a fuss. She only cried once, but the rest of our three or fours hourse together was pure bliss. As soon as everyone got home, she immediately fell asleep. See? She was awake just because she missed me. I am an evil sister, by the way. I put things on her head.

I keep getting so sleepy and sick-feeling. I don't know what the deal is. I'm sure it's nothing, but it's soo annoying....

I DIDN'T EVEN TELL YOU! I had two job interveiws at ACU last Thursday, and they both went super well. One was a graphic design position, and the other was a student assistant job. Well, the Student Assistant job turned into a...Helping a department of ACU build their site, do some graphic design, take some photos and write some stuff, and...yeah... kind of job. They said they were impressed with my resume and were looking for someone to help build their new site and even though I was young-my resume said I was ready. I accepted the position on Friday, and though I haven't heard back from them on a starting date, I'm fairly certain that the job is mine for the taking. The best part? It's the kind of job they would keep me on for the next four years. So, basically, I have a gaurunteed job from now until graduation. And it's a GOOD job. A career building job. THE LORD IS GOOD. I am so in awe of how he is providing for me and making a way. I am so confident that an early graduation and attendance at ACU is right for me. This is good, good stuff.

In other news, Facebook is EVIL. There's all these little ad things asking be to "become a fan" of sour gummy worms. I keep hoping that it'll change the next time I'm on and ask me to like, become a fan of something less-tastey, like asparagus. But does it? NO. And now I've been craving sour gummy worms for the last two days. Evil Facebook....

I better get into some kind of work out routine at ACU, I'm getting less in shape every day and it bothers me. And pie NEVER stops tasting good. In fact, I think it tastes better every time I eat it. I can't diet. I just can't. I must work out. My problem is that I don't like working out in front of people, near people, or anywhere that people could see me. However-I can't just go out to the middle of no where and work out, because what if someone saw me? Then they could tell everyone what I was doing and make fun of me! Or worse! What if they decided to kidnap me? I would be gone forever because no one would no where I was! 

See? It's just a huge dilemma.

*Or Japenese food. Whatever. I can't tell the difference. 
**This will never happen. I would feel weird. And my step mom and mother would never allow it anyway. Still, it goes to prove how much I love the color.


Marvelous Maggie said...

Just so you know, I was the one that voted your blog was boring on your poll.

I only did that because it was all "you may select multiple answers" and I got excited and clicked all of them before I read what they said.

You're not boring, Mary. You are very entertaining.

And I love you.

And I want honey chipotle chicken crispers, but I want those ALL THE TIME so what else is new?

I'm scared that when I move to Lubbock I'll just get honey chipotle chicken crispers every day for the rest of my life just because I could. Not that that would be a bad thing for my tummy, but it would be for my wallet.


Kait said...

I love tomato soup best. With grilled cheese please.

I want a chest piece so bad. When I see girls with chest pieces I think, "I want to be you right now." I am scared to get one though. But if I got hit by a bus tomorrow I would be sad I never had walked around being one of those "wild chest tattoo girls."

I want winter and hoodies and crisp breezes.

That sounds like an amazing job oppurtunity. Congrats!

Miss May said...

That hoodie is awesome, it looks so comfy!

Haha, I felt a teeny bit smug reading this post because it's winter here and I am currently rugged up in a blue Canada hoodie (which is eerily similar to the one you have on in the photo actually).

Thanks so much for commenting my blog post! I will defs keep reading your blog, you're very entertaining :)

Sha'ban Balakhayli said...

your view to world around you is intresting!