Tuesday, August 25, 2009

College, hoorah!

This is an essay I had to write for my University Seminar Class. I've never written a college essay, so I really hope this will suffice.

What kind of decision maker are you? Give one example and discuss what role God played in this decision, and three godly decision making techniques you will use in future decisions.

As a rational thinker, one would assume that I would chose a rationally, logically good roommate with qualities like being clean and having good eating and studying habits. But I am not a stereotypical rational thinker. The way I chose my roommate exemplifies this perfectly.

I was taking the ACT for the second time at ACU’s testing Center when I saw it. It was right beside me for the entire test, tantalizing me. I had spent the previous months drooling over it in my free time, day dreaming about what it would feel like to behold something so precious and delicate. So during a ten-minute break, I decided I couldn’t resist. I had to know more.

“Is that James Avery?” I said to the tall brunette sitting next to me, pointing to the ring I’d been wanting for months on her finger.

“Yeah! It is. I love James Avery!” she replied with a huge, peppy smile.

After that glorious confession, I concluded that this girl and I were going to be friends. During the course of our ten-minute break, she showed me her other James Avery jewelry and introduced herself as Nastasha O’Neil. We made small talk; what we were going to major in at ACU, where we were from, and of course, our mutual love for James Avery. We both raved about the glory of jewelry, and then proceeded to discuss the brilliance of Dario Marianelli’s work on Pride and Prejudice’s sound track. Until this point in my life, she was the only person I had met who was as obsessed with James Avery and Pride and Prejudice as I was, so obviously, I knew we would make at least good friends.

When the test was over, Nastasha waited for me and then gave me a ride to my car. This is significant because no one ever waits for me. Not even my good friends back home. So when she did this, I was able to reason that she was loyal and sweet. However, what really sealed the deal was her messy car. When I got in, she apologized for the mess. I replied that I was alarmingly messy, and that her car was nothing compared to my catastrophe of a room.

That’s when we asked each other to be roommates. We both possessed the two qualities that are normally things that would make us terrible roommate candidates: we’re messy and watch the same movies over and over. But because I am realistic and rational, I knew that putting two messy and somewhat dysfunctional girls together would ultimately turn out amazing.

While I am dominantly a rational decision maker, I am also pre-dominantly dependant. Being a dependent decision maker means that other people’s opinions are a large part of my ultimate decision. Nastasha was so cool. She was messy, funny, caring, and wasn’t clingy. But before I got too carried away with glee, I needed to know that who she was to the public eye matched up to who she was in mine. After asking mutual friends about her personality and reputation, everything checked out. If things hadn’t checked out, I probably would have been much more hesitant to room with her.

James 1:17 says that “Every good and perfect gift” is from the Lord. One of the many blessings I have received while at ACU is definitely my roommate. She, like each other blessing, is just another reminder of why attending ACU is definitely God’s will for my education. I love her, and thank God everyday for bringing me such a cool roommate.

In future decisions, I will continue to use the same three techniques I used with determining Nastasha as my roommate. One, I will protect myself. If I had gone off of whom Nastasha said she was, I could have moved in and found out that she had all these weird habits that she wouldn’t have wanted to mention before. By asking mutual friends about her, I was able to ensure that she wasn’t a psycho or someone I shouldn’t have in my life. Secondly, I will be honest. I am a very messy person, and by telling Nastasha that, I avoided some potentially bad situations. If Nastasha turned out to be a clean freak and I lied and said I was too, she would have agreed to be my roommate assuming that she wouldn’t come home to a massive pile of dishes and dirty laundry. Instead, we were both honest and our messiness was a key factor in deciding to be roommates. Thirdly, I will thank God for every blessing he pours out. I believe that God wants to answer our prayers and bless us, but he also wants us to thank Him when He does so. The more frequently I thank the Lord, the more I realize what He does for me, and the more I love Him. Just as I thanked Him for Nastasha, I will continue to thank Him for each and every future blessing.

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