Sunday, July 26, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.


I think my sleeping late problem goes far beyond my going to bed at 6 am every morning. I went to bed at 11 last night (Really? Really), and I still slept till noon. Ugh. I set an alarm on my iPhone and it TOTALLY did not go off.*

I really, really like Pandora. It’s like it’s in my head. If you don’t know what Pandora is, I shall be your informant: Pandora is free online radio that adapts to the type of music you like. So I can search for my favorite folk band (She&Him), and they will find more bands just like them and form an entire custom station based off that type of music. And it’s DEAD ON. I loved all the music they found for me. It’s so nifty. I typed in The Ting Tings because I like how their music is so instrumental and…interesting, so it found me an entire station with music like that. It gives explanations for why the songs are playing, too:

“We’re playing this track because it features modern r&b and rap influences, a subtle use of paired vocal harmony, repetitive melodic phrasing, extreme vamping….”


I’m having a late-night garage sale on Wednesday. Why a late-night garage sale? Because I hate the heat and am incapable of getting up early. It’s going to be in my backyard, where I will hang gobs and gobs of Christmas lights on our dead trees and gaezebo. I have over 50 articles of teenage girl clothing to sell, well over 100 pieces of jewelry, about 10 pairs of shoes, and Chinese lanterns and such that would look lovely in someones dorm. It’s going to be like a thrift store and Forever 21 had a baby in my back yard. Everyone and their mother should come! For you who live anywhere close to Albany, it’s at 7-11 pm, and you can get in touch with me in a way that wouldn’t give every creeper on the internet my address…


Speaking of garage sales, I went to Maggot’s yesterday and got some freaking nifty stuff. Two hat boxes, a giant stuffed frog (hahahaha. That sounds soooo gross), a fish bowl, a bowling shirt that says Jesus on the back, and many other clothes. What am I going to do with a fish bowl? I’m not sure. But my zaney roommate and I will find a use. I also bought a twenty-five cent Winny the Poo poster for Stooshie (that’s what I call my roommate now), and Stooshie** loved it. Of course. We’re going to have the weirdest dorm ever.
While cleaning out my room for the latenight garage sale, I found some very interesting things.
Interesting thing #1: A rosary. I bought this roasary look-a-like at Forever 21 forever ago (pun intended), and I was so angry when I lost it. Apparently it was just hiding under my hue gob of necklaces hanging from my shelf.
Interesting thing #2: A maraca. Yeah, I don’t even know.
Interesting thing #3: All my old CDs. Can you believe it? Before the age of the iPod, I was cruely forced to make CDs of all my new music in order to listen to it on-the-go. And I found over FIFTY burned cd’s with lame, elementary school names like “GET LOW”, “Coolnes”, “All sorts of happy”,”Jazz me UP”,”Don’t worry, be happy”, “FUNNESS”,”THIS ONE IS FUN”,”Rock out man!”, etc. I think I’m going to sell all of them for $1 at the garage sale. I always wished people sold mixed tapes&CD’s.
Interesting thing #4: Red and Silver pom-poms. Once upon a time...Mary was a cheerleader. Actually twice upon a time. I was a cheerleader in elementary school AND high school.
Interesting things #5, 6, and 7: Random bins of trash. No, I’m not kidding. I literally found laundry bins full of what once was probably scattered about my room until my mom told me to clean it. I imagine that I waited until the last minute and as I heard her walking down the hall, I grabbed the nearest laundry bin, threw everything that was on the floor in there, and hid it in my closet. I found stuff that I used in sixth grade guys. Like this lime-green, hideous lunch box. It’s a mesh bag…thing, and I’ve always been ashamed of it. I am the laziest yet most active person I have ever met.

Okay, I have made like, zero progress on my college doodle wall. Really, zero. It’s pathetic. I can’t believe I may be losing my love for painting and my random doodling abilities. What am I going to do?!?! Ugh...I'm gonna go work on that.

*It really might not have. Today I was holding my phone and noticed I flicked a button and the Taco Bell symbol came up. I was like….”There’s a taco button? Really?” But then someone texted me and it made a noise instead of vibrating. So then I flicked the button again, and a slash went through the Taco Bell symbol. Apparently my phone has been on silent ever since I got it.
**Oh yeah! Remember the whole fiasco about not being sure if my room mate and I can be roomies? We're roomies! Scary parents are the BOMB DIGGITY.


Sarah Alaoui said...

What's your college doodle wall?
and yay Pandora! I love it.

Marvelous Maggie said...

So, uh, I'm coming over early to help you like I said, but also so I can get first dibs on some stuff.

Like your shoes.

Melany said...

Hooray for garage sales!

Kait said...

A nightime garage sale-I love that idea. I suspect the Christmas lights will fill people with thoughts of gifts and presents and inspire them to buy buy buy! Whenever I deep clean my room (closet, under the bed, really clean everything) I am amazed at the things lurking in my bedroom.