Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hershey Pie

Yesterday was possibly one of my favorite days of the year.

Now when I say that, let us recall everything that happened in the life of Mary this year:

  • I graduated a year early from high school
  • I spent two weeks in Western Europe
  • I started my photography business
  • My little sister came to be*
  • I got accepted into my dream journalism school **
  • I got to live exactly 200 more days with my friends, family, and savior.

Even still, I’m fairly certain last night topped it all off. It all started off by sleeping in (of course), and ended somewhere around 2 a.m. when I finally got home from Abilene.

A few days ago, my dear friend Abel informed me that Monks, a popular yet tiny coffee shop in Abilene, was having a concert at 7:30 on Saturday featuring the Tastydactyls and Brightlight Social Hour. It sounded awesome-but I had spent nearly all-day everyday in Abilene that week, and I wasn’t sure my mom would let me go. However, I then remembered that I’m pretty much a college-kid now, and that the curfews and restrictions that previously binded me to my house had now vanished. Therefore, I was free to go to Monks.

I got all prettied up and headed for Abilene around 6. Seeing as I slept till 2, I missed both breakfast and lunch, so I was pretty much starving once I got into town. I stopped at Wendy’s and got my usual: a small Chili and a small Frosty. The plan was to eat everything on the way to Monks, but then I remembered that I had no idea how to get to Monks.

Abel was sweet enough to meet me somewhere and let me follow him to his friend Juan’s house, where he had been hanging out. Now, before we carry on with our story, let me tell you about Juan.

Juan lives in a haunted house, has been stabbed twice, has been pronounced dead three times, and is a twenty two year old boxing stud who believes that when he dies, he will live in Thug Mansion, along with Snoop Dogg and other rap legends. He is also getting married in August on Friday the thirteenth. Pretty awesome, yes? Yes. Anyway,

Abel, Juan, and I all went out to eat at Rick and Carolines, and Juan insisted on buying me a kids meal hot dog. I heavily protested, because I knew I wasn’t going to eat it. For one thing, I just had Wendy’s and wasn’t hungry. For another thing, after I got home from Europe and ate all those hotdogs, I kind of made a vow to myself that I’d never eat a hot dog ever again. I know I won’t stick to that, but it’s only been a month or so, so I still get nauseated when I look at a hot dog. Juan bought it anyway, and Abel ate half of it for me. So sweet.

During our dinner, I found out that Abel and Juan are two of the most interesting, sweet guys I had ever met. Apparently the both of them have been to too many concerts to name, and have done something crazy at each. Getting into fights, crowd surfing, dancing, you know, things of that crazy nature. By the time we got to Monks, I was extremely excited to see what crazy thing they were going to do.

Abel was dead set on getting me to dance, but thankfully he failed (muahaha), and I did not have to dance. He ended up crowd surfing, which should surprise you, because Monks is the size of a large living room. I mean really, I would never expect anyone to be able to crowd surf in there. Each time someone did though, they came within centimeters of the ceiling fan and every girl in the room gasped loud enough to muffle the music. It was also so hot in Monks that every time I went outside to get some air, it was actually refreshing. Now all you people who are reading this and DON’T live in Texas, nothing should ever, ever be so hot that it makes Texas nights seem refeshing.

Abel pushed me all the way to the front of the stage, by the way, so I was inches away from the band.

Speaking of the BAND, Abel knows everyone, including the lead singer of the headlining band-the Tastydactyls. Before the show, everyone was sitting outside of Monks socializing. During this time I feel like I was introduced to the entire teenage population of Abilene, all of which Abel somehow knew. So when I met the lead singer of the Tastydactyls, I thought I was just meeting another random friend of Abel’s. But later during the show….I noticed that the lead singer was wearing bright blue shoes just like another guy I had met earlier…and he had the same white-blond hair….and the same blue eyes….and…I was going to kill Abel. I met the lead singer and didn’t even know it! If I had, though, I would’ve made an idiot out of myself. I love the Tastydactyls. This is how it would’ve gone:

“Hiiiiiiii,” I say, shaking his hand, my eyes getting bigger than they ever, ever should. “I love your music. That one song-Push it- is like, my all time favorite. Like, seriously, your like, so cool.”

“Well…thanks,” He says, trying to release his hand from my death grip.

“You’re totally welcome, like, seriously…you rock,” I say.

“Alright Mary, lets go get some coffee, alright?” Abel says, trying to separate my hand from the Tastydactyl guy’s. “Leettt gooooo…..”

It would’ve been bad. Anyway, I met a ton of people going to ACU, and discovered that smoking was still a teenage fad. I’m not gonna lie, I thought that died in the 80’s. I am just so na├»ve.

ANYWHO, the concert ended around 11 or so, so Abel and I headed back to his house to eat Hershey Pie, watch That 70’s show, and play guitar. And when I say play guitar, I mean Abel plays and I listen.

What is Hershey Pie, you ask? Abel’s very own genious invention. The recipe is super secret, but you should be ENVIOUS. The first time I had it was a few days ago when Abel made lunch for his friend Steven and I. That was also a very good day. I got to meet Abel’s little sister (she’s five), Brysa, and play games with her. Steven was so good with her- I was quite amazed. You know how little girls are kind of always playing imaginary house? Well, whenever they ask me for something, like an imaginary muffin, I always awkwardly respond with, “Ummm….I don’t have one! Darn! Go ask your mom for one.” But Steven? Oh no. He was awesome! When Brysa asked for an imaginary muffin, he held an imaginary bowl, mixed the imaginary ingredients, poured the imaginary mix into imaginary cups, and even baked them in an imaginary oven. It was adorable.

Abel was just as good with her. When he played guitar for Steven and I, Brysa would frequently interrupt by hitting the guitar with drum sticks, but Abel would just smile and tickle her. I really hope I can be like Abel and Steven when Anabell*** gets older. They’re both so sweet.

Sorry, I got a little distracted. Anyway, we ate some Hershey pie and had quite the lovely time. I went home around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. Lovely, lovely, lovely….

In other news, my beloved roommate and I may not be beloved roommates anymore! I logged into my ACU email account, and there in my inbox was my room assignment. And who wa my roommate? NOT NASTASHA. It was DEVASTATING! I called her immediately to break the news, and she was equally devastated. She told her parents…and I think ACU is going to get a serious beat down from them. Her parents called and left a message something to this extent…

“We are paying $28,000 a year for our daughter to attend your school! You told her she could room with Mary Garvin, and she WILL room with Mary Garvin!”

Hehe. I am happy. I also got into the TINIEST DORM HALL on ACU’s campus, McDonald Hall. I remember saying to myself, “Self, you want to room ANYWHERE but McDonald. Seriously. ANYWHERE.” But what happened, self? You got put into McDonald, that’s what. I really hope Nastasha’s parents can get everything worked out. I’m too nice to be so aggressive, and I think my parents are the same. Well, I could sic my lawyer step mom on them if needed…hmmm…..

Anyway, I’m off to eat banana bread. Speaking of food, did you know Oreos taste really good dipped in tea? I’m lactose intolerant, and I really wanted to dip my Oreos in milk, but I can’t. So I had some tea sitting next to me, decided to dip it in there, and it actually turned out nicely. Hmm. Whoda thunk it?

*Technically, she was born in December. But it’s still a highlight of the year.

**Abilene Christian University is the number one journalism school in the STATE, baby.

***Annabelle is my 7 month year old sister


shelbyisms. said...

I like Abel, he sounds friendly. And yes, I shall have to call up ACU and give them a verbal beat down. No good.

Kait said...

I love good days like that where you can be doing something as simple as going to a concert but the people you are with and the random folks your meet make it something special.

I love Wendy's frosties! Wendy's trumps BK and MacD!

Congrats on getting into your dream school! Yeah my roommate last year decided a week before move in she was going to go to community college instead and the school told me they would assign someone new and I was terrified because I hadn't pre-screened them so I could be stuck with someone I would end up wanting to claw their soul out (not really.) I was beyond lucky though and the roommate I got was my other half and even though I am switching schools we are friends for life I know!

I like Abel as well. Biblical names are boss.

Marvelous Maggie said...

I love this. You're funny. I love you.

And I'm about to text you to tell you something that I can't put here because I'm not sure if someone reads this blog and if they do it could possibly be awkward.