Friday, July 31, 2009

And then the man said, "I'm prone to man Crushes."

I'm a fashionista. Take a gander of things I WISH I could buy from while you await my next blog:

^Note to blog viewers: I MUST BUY THIS! OR I WILL SURELY DIE!^

Note to blog viewers: I would never wear this. It's soooo short. Blah.

^Note to blog viewers: I MUST BUY THIS! OR I WILL SURELY DIE!^

Note to blog viewers: Sometimes I greatly despise being curvy. I can't wear stuff like this, and it's depressing.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.


I think my sleeping late problem goes far beyond my going to bed at 6 am every morning. I went to bed at 11 last night (Really? Really), and I still slept till noon. Ugh. I set an alarm on my iPhone and it TOTALLY did not go off.*

I really, really like Pandora. It’s like it’s in my head. If you don’t know what Pandora is, I shall be your informant: Pandora is free online radio that adapts to the type of music you like. So I can search for my favorite folk band (She&Him), and they will find more bands just like them and form an entire custom station based off that type of music. And it’s DEAD ON. I loved all the music they found for me. It’s so nifty. I typed in The Ting Tings because I like how their music is so instrumental and…interesting, so it found me an entire station with music like that. It gives explanations for why the songs are playing, too:

“We’re playing this track because it features modern r&b and rap influences, a subtle use of paired vocal harmony, repetitive melodic phrasing, extreme vamping….”


I’m having a late-night garage sale on Wednesday. Why a late-night garage sale? Because I hate the heat and am incapable of getting up early. It’s going to be in my backyard, where I will hang gobs and gobs of Christmas lights on our dead trees and gaezebo. I have over 50 articles of teenage girl clothing to sell, well over 100 pieces of jewelry, about 10 pairs of shoes, and Chinese lanterns and such that would look lovely in someones dorm. It’s going to be like a thrift store and Forever 21 had a baby in my back yard. Everyone and their mother should come! For you who live anywhere close to Albany, it’s at 7-11 pm, and you can get in touch with me in a way that wouldn’t give every creeper on the internet my address…


Speaking of garage sales, I went to Maggot’s yesterday and got some freaking nifty stuff. Two hat boxes, a giant stuffed frog (hahahaha. That sounds soooo gross), a fish bowl, a bowling shirt that says Jesus on the back, and many other clothes. What am I going to do with a fish bowl? I’m not sure. But my zaney roommate and I will find a use. I also bought a twenty-five cent Winny the Poo poster for Stooshie (that’s what I call my roommate now), and Stooshie** loved it. Of course. We’re going to have the weirdest dorm ever.
While cleaning out my room for the latenight garage sale, I found some very interesting things.
Interesting thing #1: A rosary. I bought this roasary look-a-like at Forever 21 forever ago (pun intended), and I was so angry when I lost it. Apparently it was just hiding under my hue gob of necklaces hanging from my shelf.
Interesting thing #2: A maraca. Yeah, I don’t even know.
Interesting thing #3: All my old CDs. Can you believe it? Before the age of the iPod, I was cruely forced to make CDs of all my new music in order to listen to it on-the-go. And I found over FIFTY burned cd’s with lame, elementary school names like “GET LOW”, “Coolnes”, “All sorts of happy”,”Jazz me UP”,”Don’t worry, be happy”, “FUNNESS”,”THIS ONE IS FUN”,”Rock out man!”, etc. I think I’m going to sell all of them for $1 at the garage sale. I always wished people sold mixed tapes&CD’s.
Interesting thing #4: Red and Silver pom-poms. Once upon a time...Mary was a cheerleader. Actually twice upon a time. I was a cheerleader in elementary school AND high school.
Interesting things #5, 6, and 7: Random bins of trash. No, I’m not kidding. I literally found laundry bins full of what once was probably scattered about my room until my mom told me to clean it. I imagine that I waited until the last minute and as I heard her walking down the hall, I grabbed the nearest laundry bin, threw everything that was on the floor in there, and hid it in my closet. I found stuff that I used in sixth grade guys. Like this lime-green, hideous lunch box. It’s a mesh bag…thing, and I’ve always been ashamed of it. I am the laziest yet most active person I have ever met.

Okay, I have made like, zero progress on my college doodle wall. Really, zero. It’s pathetic. I can’t believe I may be losing my love for painting and my random doodling abilities. What am I going to do?!?! Ugh...I'm gonna go work on that.

*It really might not have. Today I was holding my phone and noticed I flicked a button and the Taco Bell symbol came up. I was like….”There’s a taco button? Really?” But then someone texted me and it made a noise instead of vibrating. So then I flicked the button again, and a slash went through the Taco Bell symbol. Apparently my phone has been on silent ever since I got it.
**Oh yeah! Remember the whole fiasco about not being sure if my room mate and I can be roomies? We're roomies! Scary parents are the BOMB DIGGITY.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's like the iceberg that hit the Titanic...but less murderous and more catchy and musical.

I only have a few things to say tonight. I think.

FOR STARTERS, guess what time I went to bed last night? Just guess. You never, ever will. 


No. I am not pulling your leg. I really was awake from 3 pm (I slept in) until 8 am the next day. This is not normal people! I blame Europe. Ever since Europe my sleep cycle is all screwy.

Now I'm pulling your leg. I can not blame Europe for my sleep cycle. I am insane, you should know this. it is no ones fault but my own that I was up until 8 am today. I enjoy staying up late. It's dark, quiet, and there isn't anyone telling me to clean my room or give the dog a shot (MOTHER). But last night I actually tried to go to bed. The clock struck four am, and I jumped in bed thinking, "Hooray! I'm going to bed EARLY! How exciting and delightful!" But then I just laid there and started at my ceiling. I wasn't really thinking of anything in particular, like life on other planets or how many cats I'd like to own someday....Oh, no. Usually, those are things I would've thought about. But I really was pretty blank. 

I eventually decided to get up and textbook.* My mom heard me tearing paper and barged in my room and, seeing as it’s somewhere around 6 am, asked me why the &#$% I was still awake. I shrugged my shoulders, said sorry, and went back to my book. I didn't realize that much time had passed until I noticed the sky was turning blue, and my room was getting brighter. My mom came in again and said she was off to work, and I headed outside to watch the morning rain fall on the dry, thirsty grass.

It was divine. I was sitting there in a t-shirt dress, leggings, and a sweatshirt (hood on, of course), in my flip flops watching the rain after an all nighter. I wanted to dance in the rain. I wanted to sing for the birds and neighbors and people driving to work. But I refrained and played Flood-it on my iPhone** instead. I was sleepy.

Sleep eventually came, thank God. Abel came over that afternoon and…well, it was an awesome day.

First, we made French toast for lunch. But it wasn’t just ANY French toast, it was Robot Mickey Mouse, heart, airplane, and music note shaped French toast. I found some cookie cutters and couldn’t resist.

Later on we took a long drive out in the country and came back and made calzones, which Maggot of course joined us for. I can’t make calzones and NOT call my dear, sweet Maggot. They came out looking somewhat unfortunate...but ended up tasting delicious.

Now I’m here, all alone (I miss Maggot and Abel L ). At 4 am, once again. I’m running on literally less than 5 hours of sleep, and still awake. Guys, I’m gonna die in college. I’m just never gonna sleep, ya know? Ugh.

In other news, I got a new printer from Canon since the last one crapped out. Hooray for exchanges! It works, and it’s scanner enabled me to make a few changes to the site. How? GO SEE! I would feel awful if I just told you…

The Reporter News published a story of mine...and it ran first page on their Life section. I was amazed. Everyday I am amazed with how God decides to use and bless me. This story was so cool. I shall give you the first paragraph of the story...and you can read the rest if you please:

"Three years ago, 20-year-old Brady Bruton decided he was no longer going to buy cases for his guitar. Instead, he would buy the necessary materials and make them himself. Now 23, Bruton, of Abilene, owns his own case making company, Brady Cases, which caters to popular Christian bands such as RED, Rush of Fools, and NeedtoBreathe."

Read the rest here.

I’m going to a concert on Tuesday at Monks. I is pumped. I’m also going to Maggot’s garage sale tomorrow. I is pumped for at as well. Other than that…I am tired. Oh! I got a twitter. I'm not sure how to work it, but my user name is MiraculousMary if you can find me that way. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. Haha follow me!

*It's kinda like scrap booking, but less on the cheesy "Remember that one time..." stuff and more artsy and AWESOME stuff.

** Oh yeah, I GOT AN iPHONE! WOOOO!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hershey Pie

Yesterday was possibly one of my favorite days of the year.

Now when I say that, let us recall everything that happened in the life of Mary this year:

  • I graduated a year early from high school
  • I spent two weeks in Western Europe
  • I started my photography business
  • My little sister came to be*
  • I got accepted into my dream journalism school **
  • I got to live exactly 200 more days with my friends, family, and savior.

Even still, I’m fairly certain last night topped it all off. It all started off by sleeping in (of course), and ended somewhere around 2 a.m. when I finally got home from Abilene.

A few days ago, my dear friend Abel informed me that Monks, a popular yet tiny coffee shop in Abilene, was having a concert at 7:30 on Saturday featuring the Tastydactyls and Brightlight Social Hour. It sounded awesome-but I had spent nearly all-day everyday in Abilene that week, and I wasn’t sure my mom would let me go. However, I then remembered that I’m pretty much a college-kid now, and that the curfews and restrictions that previously binded me to my house had now vanished. Therefore, I was free to go to Monks.

I got all prettied up and headed for Abilene around 6. Seeing as I slept till 2, I missed both breakfast and lunch, so I was pretty much starving once I got into town. I stopped at Wendy’s and got my usual: a small Chili and a small Frosty. The plan was to eat everything on the way to Monks, but then I remembered that I had no idea how to get to Monks.

Abel was sweet enough to meet me somewhere and let me follow him to his friend Juan’s house, where he had been hanging out. Now, before we carry on with our story, let me tell you about Juan.

Juan lives in a haunted house, has been stabbed twice, has been pronounced dead three times, and is a twenty two year old boxing stud who believes that when he dies, he will live in Thug Mansion, along with Snoop Dogg and other rap legends. He is also getting married in August on Friday the thirteenth. Pretty awesome, yes? Yes. Anyway,

Abel, Juan, and I all went out to eat at Rick and Carolines, and Juan insisted on buying me a kids meal hot dog. I heavily protested, because I knew I wasn’t going to eat it. For one thing, I just had Wendy’s and wasn’t hungry. For another thing, after I got home from Europe and ate all those hotdogs, I kind of made a vow to myself that I’d never eat a hot dog ever again. I know I won’t stick to that, but it’s only been a month or so, so I still get nauseated when I look at a hot dog. Juan bought it anyway, and Abel ate half of it for me. So sweet.

During our dinner, I found out that Abel and Juan are two of the most interesting, sweet guys I had ever met. Apparently the both of them have been to too many concerts to name, and have done something crazy at each. Getting into fights, crowd surfing, dancing, you know, things of that crazy nature. By the time we got to Monks, I was extremely excited to see what crazy thing they were going to do.

Abel was dead set on getting me to dance, but thankfully he failed (muahaha), and I did not have to dance. He ended up crowd surfing, which should surprise you, because Monks is the size of a large living room. I mean really, I would never expect anyone to be able to crowd surf in there. Each time someone did though, they came within centimeters of the ceiling fan and every girl in the room gasped loud enough to muffle the music. It was also so hot in Monks that every time I went outside to get some air, it was actually refreshing. Now all you people who are reading this and DON’T live in Texas, nothing should ever, ever be so hot that it makes Texas nights seem refeshing.

Abel pushed me all the way to the front of the stage, by the way, so I was inches away from the band.

Speaking of the BAND, Abel knows everyone, including the lead singer of the headlining band-the Tastydactyls. Before the show, everyone was sitting outside of Monks socializing. During this time I feel like I was introduced to the entire teenage population of Abilene, all of which Abel somehow knew. So when I met the lead singer of the Tastydactyls, I thought I was just meeting another random friend of Abel’s. But later during the show….I noticed that the lead singer was wearing bright blue shoes just like another guy I had met earlier…and he had the same white-blond hair….and the same blue eyes….and…I was going to kill Abel. I met the lead singer and didn’t even know it! If I had, though, I would’ve made an idiot out of myself. I love the Tastydactyls. This is how it would’ve gone:

“Hiiiiiiii,” I say, shaking his hand, my eyes getting bigger than they ever, ever should. “I love your music. That one song-Push it- is like, my all time favorite. Like, seriously, your like, so cool.”

“Well…thanks,” He says, trying to release his hand from my death grip.

“You’re totally welcome, like, seriously…you rock,” I say.

“Alright Mary, lets go get some coffee, alright?” Abel says, trying to separate my hand from the Tastydactyl guy’s. “Leettt gooooo…..”

It would’ve been bad. Anyway, I met a ton of people going to ACU, and discovered that smoking was still a teenage fad. I’m not gonna lie, I thought that died in the 80’s. I am just so na├»ve.

ANYWHO, the concert ended around 11 or so, so Abel and I headed back to his house to eat Hershey Pie, watch That 70’s show, and play guitar. And when I say play guitar, I mean Abel plays and I listen.

What is Hershey Pie, you ask? Abel’s very own genious invention. The recipe is super secret, but you should be ENVIOUS. The first time I had it was a few days ago when Abel made lunch for his friend Steven and I. That was also a very good day. I got to meet Abel’s little sister (she’s five), Brysa, and play games with her. Steven was so good with her- I was quite amazed. You know how little girls are kind of always playing imaginary house? Well, whenever they ask me for something, like an imaginary muffin, I always awkwardly respond with, “Ummm….I don’t have one! Darn! Go ask your mom for one.” But Steven? Oh no. He was awesome! When Brysa asked for an imaginary muffin, he held an imaginary bowl, mixed the imaginary ingredients, poured the imaginary mix into imaginary cups, and even baked them in an imaginary oven. It was adorable.

Abel was just as good with her. When he played guitar for Steven and I, Brysa would frequently interrupt by hitting the guitar with drum sticks, but Abel would just smile and tickle her. I really hope I can be like Abel and Steven when Anabell*** gets older. They’re both so sweet.

Sorry, I got a little distracted. Anyway, we ate some Hershey pie and had quite the lovely time. I went home around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. Lovely, lovely, lovely….

In other news, my beloved roommate and I may not be beloved roommates anymore! I logged into my ACU email account, and there in my inbox was my room assignment. And who wa my roommate? NOT NASTASHA. It was DEVASTATING! I called her immediately to break the news, and she was equally devastated. She told her parents…and I think ACU is going to get a serious beat down from them. Her parents called and left a message something to this extent…

“We are paying $28,000 a year for our daughter to attend your school! You told her she could room with Mary Garvin, and she WILL room with Mary Garvin!”

Hehe. I am happy. I also got into the TINIEST DORM HALL on ACU’s campus, McDonald Hall. I remember saying to myself, “Self, you want to room ANYWHERE but McDonald. Seriously. ANYWHERE.” But what happened, self? You got put into McDonald, that’s what. I really hope Nastasha’s parents can get everything worked out. I’m too nice to be so aggressive, and I think my parents are the same. Well, I could sic my lawyer step mom on them if needed…hmmm…..

Anyway, I’m off to eat banana bread. Speaking of food, did you know Oreos taste really good dipped in tea? I’m lactose intolerant, and I really wanted to dip my Oreos in milk, but I can’t. So I had some tea sitting next to me, decided to dip it in there, and it actually turned out nicely. Hmm. Whoda thunk it?

*Technically, she was born in December. But it’s still a highlight of the year.

**Abilene Christian University is the number one journalism school in the STATE, baby.

***Annabelle is my 7 month year old sister

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell me something!

Oh, how I love Facebook conversations.

tell me something!
like what?
like anything
i recently discovered that i have a gigantic crush on peter parker from spiderman.
if he were a real person, and knew&liked me, i would be a happy happy lady.
toby mguire (sp?) spiderman?
no no no
comic book version?
yes from the movie
that guy
yes toby peter haha sorry
except i like peter parker. tall skinny white guy whos kinda nerdy but very very attractive and sweet
haha well thats good
you said anything...haha
that secretly saves the city of new york?
na uh
or is that optional?
ah ok
you dont get to fly around on webs if hes not
well thats true.
and he got all attractive and confident AFTER that spider bit him...
okay okay okay.
he can be spiderman.
you will be getting kidnapped a lot in this relationship
there cant be any bad guys who constantly interfere with our beautiful life together swinging around on webs. haha
no super villains. he can just help old ladys cross the street
kitties in trees and what not
sounds good
this is going in my next blog.
because its funny.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeling blue?

Anyway, I believe my level of happiness will sky rocket once I reach ACU on August 15. You know why? BECAUSE I HAVE THE BEST ROOM MATE EVER. Three reasons why I love Nastasha:

1. We are both insane. We both have non-matching things for our dorm room, and we rejoice in this.
2. We both love love love Olive Garden and delight in ordering the same thing every single time we go. Soup, salad, and breadsicks, and one Black Tie Mouse Cake to split.
3.She was totally  cool with me having a DOODLE WALL for our dorm, and is even making a DOODLE DESK for us. We shall have the coolest dorm EVER.

Also, I've been spending a ton of time in Abilene at ACU doing random stuff. Mostly just editing photos and the website in the Library on the awesome free wi-fi. I feel like I should just go ahead and move in. It's so bad that Nastasha and our friend Chris have to ask me whether I'm in Albany, or Abilene. And when I say Albany, Chris will say, "Why arent you hanging out with me?!?!" Haha. I love it. 
I went to Abilene yesterday to try to get my license renewed and it did not work. Apparently you hae to bring your high school diploma with you if you're 17 an graduated. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So I just hung around town all day and hung about with Nastasha and Abel. Chris was SUPPOSED to come, but he had to watch his little sister. Anyway, to kill time before lunch at Olive Garden with Nastasha, I decided to get all my dorm shopping done. Here's what I got:

The sheets on the left were $7.50, the ones on the right were $10. Woo hoo!
Eiffel Tower? Or JEWELRY HOLDER? Both I say!
This picture just cracks me up. Way to go Miss Eaton and Whitfield. 

In other news, I have a few pending bookings for the next few weeks. I migh even drive to Lubbock to do some press shots for my friend, Colton Wise's, band. Other than that I have three families, a bridal, and a wedding to shoot. We shall see what happens. I'm going to look for locations tonight.

I watch a lot of videos, and I thought it was time to share some of my favorites. So whenever you are feeling BLUE, feel free to watch this entire blog over and over again. Like I do!

Before the hilarity, though, watch something that truly changed my life a little:

I've known some people that think this video is of some crazy dude running around in a robe...SO, I shall clarify: The guy in white exemplifies God, the girl in black represents human kind. It's a demonstration of the love God has for us, and where He is during the rough times.

Now for the hilarity!

Chris Crocker is quite inappropriate the majority of the time….but this is pretty hilarious.

OK, this video was alllll over youtube. Apparently is the BEST MARRIAGE PROPOSAL EVER. And it kind of is. I would like it. haha Anyway, see what you can make of it:

If the above video was the BEST marriage proposal according to youtube…what does the worst look like?

Hehe. I love funny videos. I hope you enjoyed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Abel Castillo & Tyler Grimshaw Blog

This is one of those rare blogs where I use lots of "you shoulds" and "we shoulds" and stuff. I usually hate these. But This is what's on my heart today.

ANYWAY, Abel Castillo is a fellow ACU Wildcat who will be majoring in Graphic Design in the fall. He is one of two people I know who still say rad, and I think he’s pretty nifty. Tonight, Abel and I were discussing how neither of us are really interested in the dating scene, and during our talk, I believe that God revealed some things in me and my attitude towards dating that I didn’t even know was going on: In the past, I looked at dating as a replacement of true, basic friendship because it was so lacking in my life. For the longest time I just wanted someone-anyone-to date, but really I just wanted a friend. Someone to be real with and chill with on a consistent basis. I’m thinking I’m not the only one. But now, I'm realizing that you can find that friendship outside of just takes a lot of work. Here’s how it all started:

Abel: Honestly, I would just really like a good friend that’s a girl that I can hang out with and just be happy chilling with. Someone who likes my kind of music and movies and neediness.*

Me: Sounds like what everyone needs, but is too afraid to ask for. People have gotten into a rhythm of being close to the opposite sex only when they’re dating, and that’s not how it should be.

I went on to tell him how my best friend, Tyler Grimshaw, is a guy, but it’s taken me years to be OK with that. I never got to tell him why, though, so in case you’re reading Abel, here’s why.

Tyler always tells me how awesome I am and how much he loves me. The only time people ever tell me things like that (other than Maggie, who says she loves me all the time because she’s precious like that), is if they’re my boyfriend and are thus somewhat obliged to say things like that, or if they are my parents. And even with my parents it’s extremely difficult for me to say “I love you, too, Mom.” And with Tyler it’s even harder. After 5 or 6 years of friendship I’m still barely squeaking out a “You too” after an “I love you Mary.” So gushiness coming from just a friend, who’s a guy that’s not dating me, was freaking weird for a long time.** Even though there are those rare times at church when people would pray over me and say nice things or what God has for me, hearing things like that outside of a dating relationship took some getting used to.

Tyler was never the weird one, though. He knows what true friendship is, and I think God really had to work with my heart in order for me to see that Tyler is a living example of what true friendship is. I can not tell you how sick and tired I am of those people who put me on the back burner and say “Another time,” after I drove to Abilene specifically so I could hang out with them. Or I stay up late to talk to them, and then they ditch. Tyler is sick of it, too, which is why we’re best friends. We make a sincere effort to put the other first. Sometimes, we even do it to our own expense. Tyler never, ever ditches me and will walk out of parties just to talk to me about my day. He’s like this with everyone he truly loves, though. Tyler once drove for hours to pick up a friend in Dallas who kept falling asleep at the wheel on the way back home. Honestly, he’s the only one I know that would do something like that or me without giving me crap about it. And as for me, I’ve stayed up for hours numerous times to talk to someone just so they wouldn’t be lonely, even when I had to go to school the next day. Think it’s weird?

Please don’t. If we weren’t all so concerned with being “weird” and so self-preserved, I think the world may be a lot different. Think about it: if you had three friends who would do those sorts of things for you relentlessly, (tell you you’re attractive, blessed, smart, and capable, and then willing to go to odds ends to take care of you) how lonely would you be? How concerned with your looks, your problems, and your imperfections would you be? How in need of a boyfriend or girlfriend would you be? You’re problems wouldn’t vanish, no, but you would have three amigos at your side ready to help you cope.

This kind of friendship is what Christians should ESPECIALLY exemplify and strive for. Caring for each other like Christ would. Christ wouldn’t ditch me or say, “Sorry, I’m hangin’ out with Moses from 2-4 p.m. Another time, girly!” He’d say, “Let me see if Moses would mind if you joined us. If not, I’ll have to bump our meeting up by thirty minutes or so so I can fit a little Mary-time in. Your presence makes me smile.”

Lindsey Merrit is a great example of what I aspire to be. One night I was in Abilene pretty late for ACU orientation when she saw me hanging out in the library. She asked me if I was staying in town, and I told her no, and that I was driving back to Albany that night. Her eyes got big and wide as she said, “Girl you should stay with me! I have to study hardcore tonight, but you can totally stay over and crash!”

Here’s why that’s significant: I can name five people off the top of my head who, if they were in Lindsey’s place, would say, “Oh, man. If I didn’t have to study tonight I would totally let you stay the night!! That sucks that you have to drive back so late!”

But Lindsey didn’t do that. Not only is she just not self-centered, but she’s also old enough to realize that just because someone is staying the night at your house doesn’t mean you have to whip out the movies and manicure sets and get ready to spill you deepest darkest secrets all night to each other. She knows that she could absolutely show me God’s glory by just giving me a bed or the night, because at that time it was all she could offer. But I don’t think those five people in my head would turn me down for the night out of self-centeredness. I think it’s because if they want to hang out with me, they want to give me their full attention, not just partial. But sometimes I don’t need the biggo slumber party, I just need a place to crash.

It’s not just emotional support we lack so desperately. It’s physical, too. My best example of this happened just a few weeks ago at Beltway. During youth group, we had all gathered around our youth minister who is soon to be leaving Beltway. We outstretched our hands to him, and prayed for him popcorn style for a long time. I was standing next to Thomas Wilson, and at one point I caught his eye and said with a half-smile, “I’m about to cry.” Thomas half-smiled back and put his arm around my shoulders and kept them there throughout the prayer. Totally non-sexual, totally brotherly, and totally what I needed. At that particular moment I remember thinking, “If I had a local*** friend like Thomas, I would probably never ever have thoughts of wanting a boyfriend.”

Now let me explain that, ‘cause I know it already sounds “weird.” I feel like the only times I miss having a boyfriend (just a boyfriend, not anyone in particular) is because I miss having someone constantly there for me. Constantly willing to hug my shoulders and hold me through the tears. Someone willing to stay up late to talk to ME, and someone willing to drop everything just to hang out. See...I'm not missing a FRIEND. I'm missing a BOYFRIEND. Why is it that nowadays the best support I can generally find in another human being is in a boyfriend? Out of the tons and tons of friends I have, I feel like I need to DATE someone in order to have someone to rely on to have coffee with. I think that's a little off-center.

Once again, I'm not talking to anyone directly here. I'm just pointing out a trend...If the fourteen year old version of me had had more people giving me random hugs and more consistent friendship, I think I would have been way less obsessed with feeling like I NEEDED a boyfriend. I wish we could break down these emotional walls we've built and get over ourselves and be who God created us to be. I'm willing to work on becoming that type of friend. Anyone else with me?

*Abel later corrected himself and said “nerdiness” and not “neediness”, but neediness is what sparked all this. I was very happily surprised that someone would admit that they’re needy. That’s not a bag thing. Everyone is needy, but everyone is also too freaked out to admit it. Which is why everyone’s all screwed up. I think we should make a song about it. Like, “If you’re needy and you know it clap your hands! (CLAP CLAP)” Except no one would clap except me and Tyler. We’re not afraid to admit it because we know it’s NORMAL and not WEIRD. People were created needy! We need God, and God says it is, and I quote, “Not good for man to be alone.”
**I only have a hard time saying “I love you” when it involves a ton of emotion and meaning…hmmm.
***Thomas lives thirty minutes away, sadly.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Waffle batter+a swirl of honey+pancake pan= HONEY WAFFLE CAKE

So, this morning I was totally supposed to drive to Abilene and get my haircut, buuuttt I slept in instead. Which turned out to be a good thing, because when I finally woke up and called Trade Secret to see if I could get an appointment, my favorite hairdresser was off work today. So I shall get my hair did at 10 a.m. tomorrow. After I decided all this, I was uber hungry (seeing as it was 1:30 pm) and made Honey Waffle Cakes, my latest breakfast invention. The last invention was made during a Tyler Feeding (I often feed Tyler, my best friend, when he comes into town. I call it The Tyler Feeding). We made pancake muffins. Delicious. Speaking of Tyler, here's an example of why we're best friends:

Tyler: so i caught a mouse using a plastic cup

Mary: ew
Tyler: russ freaked out. i don't understand how mice are scary
they weigh 4 ounces. soooo frightening
Mary: theyre gross and creepy. unless they're pets. then they're cute.
Tyler: lol, nice. so just the state of being in a cage makes one mouse more acceptable than another one?
Mary: yes
Tyler: lol, nice. i wonder if mice think people in jail are cuter than people who aren't...

Tyler: charles manson is waaaaaay cuter than either of us
Mary: hes in jail?
Tyler: ? That's generally what they do to people who break into houses and stab people to death sweetness.
Mary: OOOOOOOOOOH! i thought you said marilyn manson!

Hehe. I love him. ANYWAY, is FINALLY launched, and you know what that means? IT'S SUMMER READING TIME! Here's a few books that are on my list:

If you do not know who this is, this is the ex-lead guitarist for KORN. Save me from myself is the story of how he quit KORN, kicked drugs, and gave himself to Jesus. I. Am. Stoked.

I do believe this should be a lot like an all-time favorite of mine, Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs. Every chapter is like a blog sort of thing. At least I hope so.

Google image this book, NOW! It's a big, fat, awesome art book. This guy randomly sent of 1000 journals all around the globe, and one person writes/does artsy things in it, passes it on to someone else, and so on, and when it's done, it's sent back to the original owner. And then that dude made a series of journals with all the coolest stuff in it and published it and its so cool and this is a horrible description and I'm sorry about that, and, and, and...GOOGLE IT!

Donald Miller is just cool in general. ACU gave this book for free to all their incoming freshmen. Woohoo!

I got this as a graduation present from a wonderful lady named Mo. Mo is the one to credit for my Indian name changing from "Skin like snow, hair like straw" to "Skin like snow, hair like silk." She gave me the good advice to, "treat my hair like a cashmere sweater," so I'm sure this book of writing tips will be just as great.

Another graduation present! My cousin Martin is a graphic designer, and since I'll be a graphic design minor, he and his familia thought this would be a prefect present. And you know what? IT TOTALLY IS.

You know what I JUST noticed? I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU PEOPLE MY SCHEDULE YET! Gasp! After all this talk about ACU and I don't even tell you my fall class could I? This Europe Blog is taking away from everything else I must inform you about! Here ya go:
  • 8-8:50 a.m. Introduction to Art
  • 9-9:50 a.m. Creating Media Messages
  • 10-10:50 a.m. States and Federal System
  • 1-1:50 p.m. University Seminar


  • 1:30-2:50 P.M. Composition and Rhetoric
  • 12-1:20 P.M. Life&Teachings of Jesus


  • 8-8:50 a.m. Introduction to Art
  • 9-9:50 a.m. Creating Media Messages
  • 10-10:50 a.m. States and Federal System
  • 1-1:50 p.m. University Seminar


  • 1:30-2:50 P.M. Composition and Rhetoric
  • 12-1:20 P.M. Life&Teachings of Jesus
  • 8-8:50 a.m. Introduction to Art
  • 9-9:50 a.m. Creating Media Messages
  • 10-10:50 a.m. States and Federal System


As afore mentioned, is now launched. HOWEVER, if I begin getting clients the way I hope I do, I will probably have to get another site. I bought this on a jetlag-and while I still find it the prettiest website offers, it lacks many things I need.

One: a proofing section. This is kind of why I even got a website. A proofing section is where I give the client a password to type in on the website and they get to see every picture I took during the session, and which ones I edited. This way, I don't have to make a CD, put them on a jump drive, e-mail them, etc. All I have to do is upload them, and from there the client can add them to a shopping cart and WALLAH, my job is done. Except, my site doesn't have one. So unless I find an alternative, I will have to get another site.

Two: There is only one text section, and I need two: One for Pricing, and one "About Mary" page. Right now, the two subjects are in one section. Which is fine, assuming that everyone can find it. I made the link to it say About Mary&Pricing. Lets hope that does the job.

Three: It's a flash site, which I recently learned disables many iPhone users from viewing my site. Which will include me in a few weeks... So...that's unpleasent. Now I know why Brittany Strebeck has the HTML option on her welcome page.

Until I get more clients, though, I won't spend the $200 or so extra dollars on the new site. I hope I get lots of clients. My prices are super low for the time being, anywhere from $60-$80 for portraits, bridals, etc. We shall see how things go. Whichever way things end up, I'll be happy knowing it's because the Lord is steering.

Today I will be taking some pictures for the contact&splash page and researching ways to have a proofing section and HTML option...hmmm...Tomorow, going to Abilene for a haircut, and Friday a sleepover with my roomie! She's going to watch me make our doodle wall for the dorm and possibly help. Very exciting. Good day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I need a chemical peel

Let's see who knows what I'm talking about. Random list? Or something more specific? Hmmmm.....Leave a comment with your best guess!

I want a rock at my window
I want a song in my ear
I want a present at my door
I want a note in my car
I want resistence
I want patience
I want converse shoes
I want black rimmed glasses
I want stunning eyes
I want a tall thin frame
I want respect
I want to be spoiled
I want an artistic brain
I want a writer
I want a painter
I want happiness
I want someone to cook for
I want a best friend
I want someone to play with
I want no perversion
I want perfection