Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Crap. We forgot Grama."

Holy bajeezus, guys. This past week was insane. There was the Mental Meltdown in Pizza Hut, the Macbook Meltdown, the Macbook Resurrection, and finally, the Graduation Extravaganza! In the space of just one or two weeks, I experienced my first tastes of real-life uncertainty and got the feel of what it felt like to fully trust God with not just my heart, but my life. I'm not going to lie to you, it was absolutely horrifying.

So sometime the week before graduation, I walked in to Mr. Terrel's office (AKA The Principal Dude) and found out that I might not have been able to graduate. I took some online classes from Texas Tech and had some major problems with ordering my finals and receiving grades and...it was all very ridiculous. Bottom line, I couldn't walk the stage until Mr. Terrel had all of my grades from Tech in his hand. The only problem with this is that one, you can't verbally communicate with correspondence teachers from Tech. EVVVVEERYTHING is done through e-mail, which naturally takes FOREVER. Two, I am very used to teachers giving me "special" attention, and these people do NOT do that, and were not going to care if I didn't get to walk the stage, Putting a rush on things was difficult. In order to get my grades on time, my mom and I had to drive to Lubbock so I could take my English final ON CAMPUS. Boooo.

After the final, I thought I completely bombed it, and started bawling my eyes out. I felt like a failure. My mom tried to distract me with Pizza Hut, which did NOT work because I just ended up bawling in the middle of Pizza Hut with everyone staring at me while I wailed uncontrollably. Not fun, people. Not fun.

But it wasn't the whole not-being-able-to-graduate thing that had me panicking. Oh, no. Two nights before the Mental Meltdown in Pizza Hut, I broke my Macbook. Yep. That's right people, MARY GARVIN BROKE HER MACBOOK. How, you ask, could I EVER accomplish such a thing? Well, it all started when I decided that I needed to restore my Mac to factory settings. I duplicated a bunch of my photos and I found it easier to reset everything than to delete all the duplicates (which proved to be what Tyler would call an EPIC FAIL). Since I didn't know how to do this, I texted my friend Brett, who is a walking Macbook manual. He told me to re-install the installation software, but when I did, nothing changed. Because Brett is just not wrong about these things, I figured that I must have missed something, and decided to try again. In the middle of the installation, I got extremely aggravated and decided to quit the installation. My Macbook WARNED ME that if I did so, it probably would neglect to restart. I did it anyway, and guess what.

At this point, I believed that my best option was to go live in a hole and to not come out until Jesus came back. But I figured that if I was going to go insane, I probably shouldn't be alone, and should be around someone who generally makes things better. So I called Colt. He was over in a flash (a very rare thing for Colt, he must have sensed the insanity in my voice), with Jacob at his side to help me. They actually read the manual, and tried numerous ways to restart my Mac. No progress. By the time they left, I accepted that I killed my baby (I mean, my Macbook...), and would need to send it back for repairs. I remember telling Colt, "Good God. Now I know how parents feel when their kids are in the hospital. This is horrible!" I know. I like my Macbook too much.

With the death of my Macbook and the pressure of humiliating my family by not being able to walk the stage, a panic attack was pretty much unavoidable. I felt redonculously dumb I could break the invincible Macbook and fail my best subject. But through the tears my mom kept reminding me to trust the Lord and stop listing all the things I hate about myself. I don't do that very often, but when I do, she's the only one who can snap me out of it. I took her advice, and Lord took care of things. I got my grades in time, and I passed senior English with a 75 (the lowest grade I have EVER made in an English class, but this crap was hard*), and called Apple, who helped resurrect my Macbook. Next is Mr. Whittemeyer (my Canon all-in-one printer), who does not recognize his ink cartridges.

Graduation was simply awesome. I got a surprise scholarship**, and had a ton of family show up. After graduation, I went to Abilene and ate with my family at Outback Steakhouse instead of going to project graduation. My cousin and I decided to stay the night with my Dad in Abilene in the hotel room he and Kamilla were staying in. It was a very impromptu thing, and we didn't have any clothes for that night or the next day. So we, like any cool people would do, went to Walmart at midnight to buy $3 Hannah Montana pajamas and $10 dresses. It was AWESOME, especially since we changed into our pajamas right there in the Walmart restroom before we left. Anabelle (my adorable 6 month old sister) was SO good during dinner! I was so impressed. We were at Outback until like...11:30 or midnight, and she was awake and giggling the WHOLE time. So freaking cute.

When I got up the next day, my dad and I walked across the street from the hotel to the mall to buy random things for our cameras. It was quite lovely:) I love doing things like that with him. He's a good daddy. Me and Anabelle are so, so lucky.

After Kamilla and LaShelle (my cousin) got dressed, we all went to ACU for the grand tour. They all loved it, and wanted to go back to college there. Which, of course, made me feel extremely cool to be so envied. I love ACU.

Dad, Kamilla, and Anabelle all left after lunch, and LaShelle and I went back to Albany to watch Audrey Hepburn movies for the rest of the day. I edited MJ's senior pictures while everyone slept with my GLORIOUS Macbook (who needs a name, by the way. Any suggestions?), and my FANTASTICAL, brand spankin' new Adobe Photoshop CS4. Oh, and LaShelle and I also made a gazillion videos and pictures with Photobooth. So Much fun.

Today I woke up late and walked around down town with Shelby and later KaCee. KaCee and I found these AWESOME coffee cups at Blanton Cauldwell (hmmm. I don't know how to spell that name), which I will show you pictures of later. After shopping, KaCee and I ate Popsicles and discussed how weird it was that I am now an ALUMNI and that she was now officially a SENIOR.

...Then I made my family dinner, which consisted of chili, Angel Biscuits, corn on the cob, and cheese cake. Later, I went to Melany's to watch a movie and gave all the left overs to Colt, Melany, Jacob, and KaCee. It makes me happy to cook for people and make them happy. If I could do that all day, I totally would.

Fast forward to the present, I am taking a break from painting.*** I am working on a 3x7 foot mixed media mural that I am extremely excited about. It involves acrylic paint, sharpies, glitter, hot pink, metallic silver, orange, and black spray paint, and broken mirror pieces. Oh, and magazines, of course. If you know me, it's pretty much inevitable that I will have magazine clippings in almost all my work.

A last bit of interesting news, Mr. Thomas Wilson (Tom, as I love to call him) may become my official guitar teacher! Yay! I need to learn, and he needs a job, so wallah! We'll have to wait until after Europe, so darn. If all goes well I may just stay here for the summer and work at Wet Seal or the Buckle while learning to play like a pro. I also am thinking about moving into the ACU dorms ASAP, which is August 15. I need to buy a lava lamp and a duvet cover really really bad.

In closing, God is good. Throughout everything, I've learned that God provides. Look at all the things He's done for me guys! Graduating early, passing all my finals, the thousands upon thousands of dollars in scholarships and gifts, art supplies, health, friends, family, that whole salvation thing....Jeeeeeezzz. There are so many blessings I want to share with you, but the list would just go on forever and ever.

I am happy.

*For my English class at Tech, I had to write a research paper. I ended up writing it AT LEAST four times, and spent countless late night hours dissecting every paragraph with teachers and friends and STILL made a 69 on it. Geez. I'm a writer for goodness sakes!
**Beltway East (my church) gave me a scholarship! I didn't even know I was ALLOWED to get any scholarships from Albany. Early graduates aren't even allowed to apply for any local scholarships, so I was EXTREMELY surprised when they called my name. Yahoo! The Lord provides!
***It's almost four AM and I am still blogging. I love staying up late. It's quiet. I get to be alone. No more "suggestions" or to-do lists. Ahhhh.


Marvelous Maggie said...

Ooooh, Mary. I'm glad everything FINALLY worked out. And now you're a freshman again! And you're going to Europe! Ooooh, Mary. How I love you.

Melany said...

I'm glad too!

And yay, Europe!

shelbyisms. said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the scholarship! And your pajamas sound magnificent.

Man. This post was wicked.