Saturday, May 16, 2009

This blog shall have no title because I'm EXHAUSTED!

For the next couple of blogs (if I have time to write them) will look like this: I will have a list that says "Things I need to do to graduate" and I will put little x's next to the things that I've finished. One, because I LOVE doing this, and it keeps you people up to date. And two, It makes me feel all accomplished. Why I think you'd care, I don't know. I for one thing it's very interesting. But you know. I' Anyway, if it's sounds like I'm bragging, I'm not. I'm too tired to be full of myself. Oh, by the way, I'm not including classes that I'm actually taking at school. Just the ones I'm taking online, and I'll check them off even if I haven't taken the final, because that's just kind of a given.

Just to make this clear, I really wish that I could make the following things seem as cool as they do in my composition notebook. Listing & crossing things off is one thing, listing them and putting little boxes with check marks beside them is another. The checked-box system just seems so much more fulfilling. So, for now, we're going to improvise.


[] English Four, Semester one

[x] English Four, Semester two

[x] Economics

[x] Government

[] Social Issues

[] Career Explorations

Only three classes left! This may seem a lot to jam into two more weeks, but keep in mind that Social Issues and Career Explorations are two very easy courses, and will seriously not take me very long at all. I'll be able to stay after and school and finish them and what not. The only thing left to do in English Four semester one, is a research paper which I am one page away from finishing. After that, I'll have my normal finals (History, English Four semester one, Junior English, Algebra, and Chemistry). Now that's a lot, but it's expected and many people have to do this so I'm not complaining.

I went to Saturday school (voluntarily again) and worked from 9am-2pm and finished English Four semester two. It was AWESOME. If I can finish a freaking British Lit course in one day, I can definitely handle Social Issues and Career Explorations in two weeks. As long as I can for sure spend next Saturday at school, I'll definitely be fine. Yahhoooo!

My graduation invites came out AWESOME. My dad did the photography, I got to design them. The first one was the front of the invitation, and the bottom photo is the back. I was pleased. I also had to send all 100 out in ONE DAY. And surprisingly, I did it. Apparently all I need to do to be productive is have lots of pressure applied, and to follow my checked-box system.

So I think I've mentioned how I'm going to Europe this summer, but I've never really gone into detail about it. A bunch of people from my school are going together under a program called Explorica. We're leaving June 10 to go to places like London, Paris, France, Rome, Venice, Switzerland, etc. I"m euphorically excited. I went shopping for clothes to take last night. After much internal debate, I decided to just buy a ton of v-neck shirts and jean capri type things and skinny jeans. I also bought some really cool O'neils. Never heard of 'em before, but I found them at Journeys and
they were super cool. They look like Asics, and are really colorful. I'm considering posting pictures of everything I bought before I leave.

I just spent close to two or three hours at the Jones' house. They're this older couple in town that are very well known and sweet, sweet friends of the family. I love them. I told them all about my summer and career plans and they showed me a book that had all the first pages of the New York Times for the 1800's to 2009. Absolutely amazing. I was completely infatuated with it.

I ordered my Macbook! I don't know if I told you this (I'm very tired. Too tired to read my own blogs to see if I'm being repetitive. Sad huh?), but I ordered it a few days ago. KaCee came and helped me. At first, I think we both kind of thought I might not need help, but then when we were checking out over the phone I got at dyslexic with the credit card number and she had to read it for me to the guy. It was a very, very good deal. She was also wearing a very pretty dress that day....

My mom says I might have to get bifocals. Yeah, I know. I've been having trouble seeing things. Like, I can see, but when I look at something far away, and then switch to looking at something closer, it takes a while to adjust. It's very annoying because it's been making me run into more walls than usual.

Tuesday is my last day at the Old Jail. Sad day. Shaela's going to make me a coke float:)

The goal was to work on my research paper tonight, but I'm really tired so I might not be very productive. Eh. I should go try. See yuuhh.


Megan said...

"Just to make this clear, I really wish that I could make the following things seem as cool as they do in my composition notebook." i've officially decided that composition notebooks make everything cooler. just sayin(:

Marvelous Maggie said...

I like that you finished semester two of your English Four class before you finished the first semester.

And you TOTALLY SHOULD post pictures of everything you bought just for ME! Or I could just come over and see them if I am ever FREE and ABLE.



Mary K said...

I know right? its that stupid research paper. I'm like two paragraphs away from being done though. yayy!