Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The list blog!

Everyone loves these.
Things I think are funny about myself that Emily pointed out today:
My dorm will most likely be stocked with the following:
Gallons of water (which I will drink from the lid)
Cans of peas
Boxes of Premium Saltine crackers
Boxes of life cereal
Pairs of stinky, over-worn black flats
Mounds of dirty laundry
A filing cabinet full of many, many copies of newspapers, resumes, portfolios, and etc.
Anything and everything ridiculous (Buble furniture, tie dye blankets, over-sized lava lamps...)
Augusten Burroughs books
My macbook (which I will never, EVER leave alone)
Things I need to do with that last mentioned item:
Put freaking logos on all my photography on facebook, myspace
Transfer all music, writings, and photos from old computer
Start building website :D
Things I need to do to graduate:
Semester one of English (Will be done after this stupid research paper and final)
Semester two of English (Currently working on)
Economics (Waiting on stupid final)
Blow off class (?????? Not check. No check at all?!)
Things I need to do tonight:
Clean my room
Clean the kitchen
Start research paper
Open checking account (CHECK!)
Things I'm going to do instead:
Ordering a macbook!
Continue reading ACU's awesome literary magazine
(Maybe) Start research paper
Being a slob
Things I'm super pissed off about:
My ACU shirt is DEFINITELY NOT HERE, and needs to HURRY UP!
My computer is just too slow for my satisfaction (but no worries! macbook comin' soon!)
Maggie can never hang out because she's always doin' stuff with family. This makes us sad.
Time goes by way too fast
Things I'm extremely excited about:
I have a lot of family flying in to watch me GRADUATE!
I actually finished my comic today for newspaper (BLAHHH!) which is AWESOME, because it was my LAST ONE EVER!
I just ordered my macbook (will get here on May 21) and STILL have time to clean the kitchen and make a yummy dinner
I made a "to do" list the other day, and got EVERYTHING checked off (okay, except for ONE thing, but that shouldn't count)
I'm GRADUATING! It's really happening!
Dad gave me some mula for Europe
I'm going to my "dream school"
And last, but NOT least, GOD IS GOOD.


Marvelous Maggie said...

I KNOW, RIGHT?! I hate it! And most of the time it's not that I'm doing things with my family, it's that I'm forced to tolerate and watch my siblings ALL THE TIME.

Stupid siblings.


Colt said...

iam jealous of your ordered with envy i say!!! GREEN!!!