Sunday, May 17, 2009

I kid you not.

I just wrote a six page research paper in one day. WHERE IS THIS HARD WORK COMING FROM?! Where has this been all year?! I'VE NEEDED YOU, HARD WORK! Anyway, here's the list now:

[x] English Four, Semester one
[x] English Four, Semester two
[x] Economics
[x] Government
[] Social Issues
[] Career Explorations

Holy crap. I can't believe it. Wow. brain hurts.

OKAY, not I have to make a list of finals, because I made one in my composition notebook, and now it has to be on here too. I can't exclude you from my lists!! How cruel that would be.

[] Chemistry
[] US History
[] Junior English
[] Journalism (AKA Cleaning Mr. Lucas's room. It's a strenuous final)
[] Algebra II
[] Economics
[] English Four, semester one

The reason I don't have to take the Government, English Four semester two, Social Issues, or Career explorations final is because...well, I really don't know. I took them through the school instead of Texas Tech online, and I just don't. Booyah! Speaking of Texas Tech, I am quite worried that I won't get my Economics or English Four semester one final before graduation. I ordered them through the mail like four weeks ago and theyre still not here. It's okay if they don't get here in time. The principal said so. So you know, his word=gold. I'll still walk the stage and take the final whenever they get here and then get my diploma. Kind of a bummer, but oh well.

I'm so tired right now. Blah. I even got up early today. Insanity. Now I'm off to do a trial packing session for the Europe trip. I'm seeing if I can fit everything I need in a back pack. (BAHAHAAHA!) We shall see.


Melany said...

Hooray for Europe!

shelbyisms. said...

That does sound overwhelming. And to think, I'm complaining about five finals in my sophomore year of high school. Ha, I'll look back when I'm in college and cringe at my amateur load. Whatevs.

Congratulations on (being about to) graduate. That's very nifty.

Also, JEALOUS. A, because of the Mac you mentioned on my blog. B, because of Europe. If you don't take a lot of pictures, I'll probably walk the stage just before you and steal your diploma.

Just saying. I'm not even sure if your Europe trip is before your graduation, in fact, it probably isn't, but my threat sounds menacing, so I don't mind.

Have a nice time packing :)

shelbyisms. said...

You should know that I'm having an amazingly difficult time finding you on Facebook. There are 188 of you and it is proving difficult.

Does this make me weird? I'm on page seven. I feel like a stalker. Oh well.

It would probably be MUCH easier if you searched "Shelby Eaton" because I have the same picture on BOTH! Plus, there are only 26 of me.

It's just a suggestion. Ha.