Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apples are red, the sky is blue,

And my new Canon All-in-one photo printer is white! IT'S HERE IT'S HERE!!!

Today was an eventful day. KaCee and I drove to Abilene after I got off work to see Heidi's baby, Erin. She's BEAUTIFUL. She's also very big. Nine pounds!!
Then we went to the mall to get clothes and return stuff, and I got some awesome $4 boots from Wetseal and a bunch of job applications (Wetseal. American Eagle, Books-a-million, and The Buckle). Then we went to star bucks and got AMAZING, amazing drinks.

This blog is short and choppy because I need to go edit pictures, fill out job applications, read, study, and shower before midnight and it's 10:30. See yah! I'll post pictures of everything later.

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shelbyisms. said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Europe. Also, I got some bargain shoes at Wet Seal last week and I have worn them a gagillion times already.