Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today was good.

So I'm pretty sure there are about 6 rain forests worth of paper living in my house. My mom and I are always receiving a whole bunch of crap mail and since we're both pack rats, it just kind of lays around. We don't throw things away because, what if someday we need that special offer on nose trimmers? It would be dumb to put outselves in such jeopardy.
The kitchen is the worst. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live in here (the computer is in our kitchen), but I do, so I'm always leaving my homework and mail in here. I think the world would be a lot better of if everything was communicated through e-mail. That way we could cut down on like, half the rain forest killing. Or, Obama could make himself useful and make junk mail and crappy organizations illegal and make every one's lives easier. Well, everyone but the crappy organization people. (P.S. the Obama thing is a joke, I really don't have any special opinions on politics these days. I am uninformed. Okay, I am informed, I just don't know what the truth is about any of it. Thus, I will make no opinion of him.)

So I can not even explain how anxious/nervous/annoyed/excited I am about this month. In this month I will (hopefully) know the following things for sure:
If Mikey can come visit me
If I got accepted to Texas State
If I got any financial aid
If I got any scholarships
If I got the Texas Monthly internship
If I got the RARE magazine internship
If I have to go to stupid community college
And last, but not least, where I will be living this summer.

Hmmm. Isn't it interesting that when we want to get something, we usually have to wait, but when we can give something, there's rarely a delay?

I'm excited to leave and be on my own and all, but I will miss Albany in certain ways. Like Brookshires. I love how all the people there treat you like family and if my friends are working, they always help me out to my car and ridicule my pink door handle. Yes, I will miss that. I will also miss Higganbotham(?). Because I am an idiot and rarely ever know what I'm doing, it's nice to have nice people working at hardware stores. I feel less dumb and more funny when I have to say, "So, I'd like to paint my car door handle pink. What kind of paint should I use?" Or like today, when I was at Brookshires, and this old lady was standing next to me in the fresh vegetable isle and I asked her, "Which one is the salancho?" and she laughed with me and pointed it out. I doubt it'd be like that at many other places. And even if it were to be like that, I'd be too shy to find out.

When I get to Austin, or where ever, or actually just anywhere in general, I really need to get somewhat over my shyness of men and pretty women. That sounds weird, so let me explain by another example:

On Monday I was at a UIL meet, and I was starving. It was breakfast time and I, of course, did not eat breakfast as we were out of cereal. When we got to the UIL meet that morning, I was extremely happy to find that they had massive donuts topped with chocolate and multi-colored sprinkles (my favorite). I wanted to get one, but was extremely intimidated by the pretty people behind the counter. There was one girl and two guys who looked like football players. Let me get one thing straight; I wasn't intimidated in a way that made me think "Oh my God they're prettier than me!" It was more like...these people are scary. I don't know what it is. It's just that littel shy part of me that's like "BAM! I'M SHY NOW!" But they were all very nice (and funny) when I finally got a donut after ten minutes of staring at Colt's, so I really need to get over myself.

The same thing happens when I go to Subway and there is one guy behind the counter. No one else, just one guy. Even if he's not "attractive" I still get all freaked out and run away. And I love Subway, to the point where I drive 30 minutes just to get it. So this should say a lot. Of course, after 30 minutes of dreaming of my ultra delicious turkey, pepperoni, black olive, and sweet onion sauce sandwich on honey oat bread, I probably wouldn't run away. But I still blush and get all nervous because I'm afraid they're judging me and my sandwich. Which is dumb, because judgemental sandwich makers just should not exist.

Well, none of that made sense even to me, so I'm moving on.

I love NCIS. It's so good! I literally cried when Kate died and Ducky had to do her autopsy. And then screamed when that dumb butt terrorist guy came back to kill the rest of them. Ugh, so repulsive. Did anyone see the one where the same terrorist snuck into NCIS headquarters by hiding in an autopsy bag? I wish I could write as good as the NCIS script people. Geniuses.

I didn't go to church tonight. I believe I did something way more useful to honor God with. I made dinner with my mom, and didn't get aggravated, mad, or annoyed/critical with her. I actually told her how my day was and how I watched Alyssa and Ari have a huge jewelry breaking cat fight yesterday. I hope we stay like this. I know our problems are all my fault. I shouldn't blame her for so much. I need to start looking at how much she does for me.

I'm really excited to be in college. I want to learn to be better. I'm so sick of not being taught anything (this excludes you Mr. Davis, you are awesome). I feel like all this year is is filling out worksheets and showing up to class. I'm not learning to be better at what I love, journalism and art. Art class is a total joke. Newspaper is my only creative outlet, but Mr. Lucas never takes the time to teach me anything, and when I tell him that, he says it's my fault. I'm pretty good at looking at it from both sides, and I know I have done absolutely everything to make myself a better journalist. He is helping in some ways. Like a few months ago, he asked this author, Mike Kearby, to read one of my stories. And I'm sure he's doing other things, I just wish he'd tell me how to adjust photos.

I got my prom dress back from the tailor's today. It FITS now! YAYYYYYYY! It's very pretty. I'm sure I'll post pictures on here at some point (if any of them turn out good).

Hmmmm. Yep. That's all.


Marvelous Maggie said...

"But I still blush and get all nervous because I'm afraid they're judging me and my sandwich."

Hahahahahahahaha! That was so funny!

I'm glad today was good for you, Mary. Especially since this was really funny, haha.

Anonymous said...

You seem lovely..