Monday, April 13, 2009

This shall be my portfollio.

Colt the amazing photo editor came over today and helped me pick some peices for my portfolio. These are the really crappy internet versions of the ones he picked. I think he really picked the right pieces, don't you? Thank you Colt! Tell us what you think of our marvelous selection! Does the selection show a wide range of artistic or journalistic abilities that will showcase my abilities as a graphic designer and journalist? Comment for once! hehe:)

1 comment:

pherenike said...

i think your graphic design capabilities are fairly evident, which is great. spontaneous photographs are tough, though. i've never been any good at them myself. you've got to keep a real good eye on composition and lighting and moment while you're shooting. still, some of them are pretty wicked, like the two kids together and the hair is blowing in their faces from the soft breeze. that's an especially good one. (: