Sunday, April 5, 2009

The prefect pick-me-up-er

I have no idea if I didn't hat headline right, but whatever.

After a mildly horrible hour and a half of worry and confusion, I was in need of a good pick-me-up-er. It all came about after I called KaCee and pathetically asked to come visit her new kittens to stop my crying and couldn't because it was so late at night. I love cats, and even though my boyfriend hates this, they make me extremely happy. I might get a kitten if I go to community college and live with my dad (I believe it will add greatly to my happiness, which will be needed as I will feel dumb going to community college and living with daddy), and I wanted to amuse myself by thinking of what kind I should get. I'm kind of giving up on cats from the country because they seem to turn evil if over protective pet owners such as myself try to keep them inside. So, I thought, if I'm going to possibly buy a kitty (or sadly a dog), what kind shall I get?

I love fat cats. I realize that there is probably no particular breed of cat that will most likely to get fat, but you never know, Google can come up with anything. So I Googled, "fat cats". This is what I got: As you will see, I have given them all names.

My favorite, George.

Meet Iggy, a fat cat from Missouri.

This is Greg.


Snowball. (He was found near a nuclear plant. No, I'm not kidding.)


Then, I Googled ugly cats:

Right now, I am laughing hysterically in newspaper. I am literally crying and some what hyperventilating. Maggie, Melany, and Colt, and Mr. Lucas who just yelled at me (for my "giggling"), can all confirm this. Jerks.

I am calm now. My self pity is now over. I know you didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I did, but I hope you did enjoy it a little.

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