Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, the memories.

While making the Tyler blog, I had to get out some old notebooks for references. While I have them out I figure I'll copy some other quotes, too. These are anywhere from freshman year till now. Enjoy!
Does anyone remember the "Fill My Bucket" fiasco? Where if someone said something mean to you jokingly they had to say five nice things to 'fill your bucket'? Well, I apparently made Marcus and Britton fill my bucket. They made fun of my hair :(
From Britton:
"Your awsome
your kool
you have nice hair
your kewl
your not a lesbo."
From Marcus:
"Your kewl
Your cool
your kool
you have nice hair
your awesome."
I made him start over.
"Nice person
your cool
nice earings
nice shirt
kooler than me."

Much better, Marcus.
Speaking of Marcus....
I have tons of pictures drawn by Maggie of "Dimple Boy"


MAGGIE! This should be your cartoon next year for the newspaper! The adventures of dimple boy!!!! Oh, I'm smart.

This is from a church service with the amazing Brandon Hawk:

"We have churches on every corner, crosses around our necks, and Christian fishes on our bumpers. But is it all for protection? Because demons don't fall at the doorsteps of churches, but rather enter them. They do fall at the feet of Christ. Has anyone yet to realize that in each of us Christ lives? So couldn't demons fall before us? YES."

"blah blah blah blah blah."

"This morning you have an appointment with the most high God," Beltway Youth Pastor Jessie Davis said. "The God who made the whole Universe wants to meet with you this morning."

"You know a breakup is bad when you walk to school at 7 am with a carton of ice cream in hand and a chocolate bar in the other."

"Maybe I'll start a blog...Thomas has inspired me. Yes, I think I shall start a blog."

"Mikey, you're like a big coloring book."

You didn't really think I was going to go through a whole quote blog and not mention my boyfriend, did you? :)
"You're like my cute little energizer bunny."
"You're so cute. I'm going to send God a thank you card."
"I think about the first time I saw you and felt your calming presence. Your passion for people. That camera of yours. The heart inside of you that has so much purity, and the mind in your head that has only the best intentions."
"I got so bored after you went to bed last night that I pretended to go on secret missions with my gun."

"Dear St. Stephens,
Please friggin' accept me.
Mary Garvin."

A game of MASH.

"I will marry Marcus, who is sterile. We live in a shack, with 0 kids, and a dog. I am a journalist, and will die 7 days after we marry."

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain."

I have lots of lists in here. Like music lists.

Eminem- Superman
Hey mama- Black eye Peas
Where is the love?-Black Eye Peas
Always on time- Ashanti
Hips don't lie-Shakira
Beauty in the breakdon- Scene Asthetic
Mama-Kanye West
Dirt off ya shoulder- Jay Z (I still love this song)
Texas Angel- Honey Brown
(Do note that this is like 7th grade, and I was still a little ghetto from my elementary years in Colorado)"

Peanut butter, jelly, bread, knife. The food sucks here.
Non cute clothing/brand new shoes. (Mary, when the brocure says "Enjoy student life camp in the beautiful Colorado Mountains!" this seriously means that you will be in the mountains, not in the fabulous streets of Maryland. PUT SOME DANG ATHLETIC CLOTHES ON YOU FREAK! Love, Self.)
Small backpack, not your favorite ginormous leopard one, no matter how cute it is, it's too dang big.
LEAVE THE BOOKS AT HOME. You will not read them, dork.

I take this man-Valarie Frankle
Empress-Shan Sa
A million little peices-James Frey
Bloodletting, a memoir-Victoria Leatham
An unquiet mind-Victoria Leatha
Running With Scissors
A Wolf at the table- All by Augusten Burroughs (my hero)

A very cool revelation to end on:

"How do we know then what is alive? What does it mean to live? Life is characterized by the presence of energy. Remember that as you determine what is living and what is not. Without energy, life soon stops." Sophomore biology text book (Holt Biology).

--If we do not move more in our faith, our faith, or the liveliness of it, could die. Movement is so important.---

"All living things can reproduce."
--If our faith is alive, it will reproduce more believers.--


Meant. to. move.
When it comes to uploading photos on here, I freaking hate blogger. I refuse to arrange this prettier. It
s 12:48 am, gotta give up in 5 hours. Nighty night.


Marvelous Maggie said...

"I got so bored after you went to bed last night that I pretended to go on secret missions with my gun."


I still haven't packed. I keep telling myself to stop reading blogs, but I do not listen.


Colt said...

OMG MY HAIR IS INSANE....just like you. You are so crazy that that moments that we think your sane your really not you have just hit like some sort of crazy reality where so see kittens and ice cream and they talk to you only in our have problems. BUT I LOVE YOU!!!!