Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a safari Colt! A SAFARI!

Oh, Keller Family. How beautiful you people are. Here are more of Colt's Senior pictures and family portraits.

Reader, I promise to make my blogs more interesting at some point. Things have been extremely hectic lately, but in a lovely way. Taking senior pictures, writing newspaper stories, studying for the SAT, taking extra courses to graduate early, trying to figure out senior invites....It's all just so very time consuming. But I love you, dear reader. And I
promise to try harder to make things more interesting.

This is the summer plan thus far:
Move out to dads after Europe trip (GASP! I hav't even told you I'm going to Europe yet!)
Read a ton of books
Re-read anything and EVERYTHING by Augusten Burroughs
Work at either STRUT or Dominican Joes Coffee shop
Continue taking wedding/senior/engagement/etc., portraits
(except for money this time, this stuff is time consuming)
Shop for dorm room stuff
Possibly begin working out. Possibly. haha
Learn photography type things from Dad

That's all I got.

Well, I guess you can count possibly interning at Texas Monthly or RARE, even though both are highly unlikely since both are very competitive .
positions. But hey, it could happen
Oh goodness! How could I forget? Build my website! Duh. That's something I could talk about.

I really want to build my own website. No offense, but blogger agrivated the crap out of my and I need something a little more personal and professional. Ya know? So I'll be working on that after I get my long-awaited MacBook. Hoooooorah.

I'll also be able to finally go to some of Tyler's (the best friend) shows. He and his band (The Carl Wayne Band) have finally begun doing shows, and I might actually be able to go to some of them. Which is good. If not, they still might let me take their pictures. Which is even gooder. (Yes, I know gooder is not a word. I can't spell that great, but I'm not that bad.)

Okay. I'm tired. Here's two things you should visit tonight:



Marvelous Maggie said...

Mary, these are FANTASTIC! I love them!

Melany said...

I agree, fantastic is a good word to use.