Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Okay, so, my dad is amazing. He just sent me an e-mail with all this cool stuff that TX state has to offer. He also somehow found out that an admissions decision has been made and that I will receive notification in 5-7 days on whether or not I've been accepted. YAYYY! I hope I am, but all this waiting really had me going crazy. I really don't know if I'll get in or not now. ANYWAY! Lets say hypothetically I do get in so I can tell you of all the exciting things he found!

Anyone who knows me knows me knows that I LOVE MARYLAND!, and that I am very sad I can not go to school there because it is too expensive. My dad has magical powers and a way of finding things on the Internet, and found out that TX State is a part of NSE, National Student Exchange. Under this program, as a sophomore or junior, I could study in MARYLAND but pay Texas State tuition because I'd technically still be a Texas State Student.


I had four Tootsie Pops a while ago, that's probably why this is unusually exciting. That, and the school I want to go to in Maryland is THREE hours from my precious boyfriend. Three hours verses 22 is very awesome. And I love traveling, and I need to get my fix somehow, so YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I could somewhat easily take a train to New York from Maryland?

Holy crap. I'm not even in yet, but I'm still really freaking excited.

Oh, did I mention I could also study in New York, Colorado, Hawaii....?

Hmmmm. Moving on. I'm too excited for this. I'm gettin' all shaky and twitchy.

I'm almost almost done with my online economics class. And after I finish my research paper for English 1, I'll be done with it, too. I still have to take the final exams for both classes, but that doesn't count. It should, but I want to celebrate right this minute, so that shall count later. I ordered my Government class and should start that soon, so hoorah! After that, I'll have one or two blow off classes to take, and, wallah! I graduate!

I made lots of calls today. I called Texas State and Angelo State to inquire about how to get on the newspaper staff. It was somewhat of an ego boost. They kept on saying, "I mean, we don't let just anyone write. You have to do a few sample stories, and then you might get published. And IF, IF you've been published before, your chances are greater of being published and then eventually on staff."

Hmm, too bad I've never been published. I mean unless you want to count being on the newspaper at school and doing photos, stories, cartoons, layout...and if you want to count the Abilene Reporter News stuff, I guess you could. haha. Anyway, enough of my ego trip.

That's the really, really cool thing about my school paper. You get lots of experience. Most of us take our own photos for our stories and even help with layout. Without even realizing it, we're beefing up our own portfolios.

Speaking of portfolios, I'm super excited about putting mine together. My dad has, again, been awesome in this department. He's getting me hooked up with his "photo guy" to get a professional one done. Personally, the only stories I think are even remotely good enough to put into a portfolio is Kirsten's story and Justin's. But that's just me. As for photography, pfft. I don't know. I like K.C.'s photo a lot, but other than that I'm clueless. Nonetheless, it'll be exciting.

I also called Texas Monthly and RARE to see if they wanted an interview, and if so, if we could have it this Friday because I could be in town for that. Texas Monthly said that they haven't even looked at their intern applications, so it'd be too early. RARE has yet to call me or e-mail me back. Apparently, Texas Monthly has about 300 applicants every year and the art department is most popular. Good thing I applied for both and Art departments. If I don't get those I might start looking into some in California. I have a lot of family there I could stay with. Internships are very important, and I'm trying to get at least some out of the way when I can afford to have an unpaid job.

I decided that if I were to live in Austin this summer and have an internship, or didn't, I would apply at this store called "Lucy in disguise with diamonds." It's this huge, hilarious costume shop on Congress that would be a blast to work at (hopefully). It'd be interesting to see who comes in and buys what. Plus, it's on one of my favorite streets in Austin and in walking distance from my Dad's (where I would live, rent free). Other than that, I could work at a coffee shop, pottery painting place, or cool little fashionable stores. Or, oh my God, a bridal shop. haha That'd be great fun. Screaming women and mothers all day long. Woo hoo!

Okay, I'm tired. Nighty night.


Marvelous Maggie said...


"I'm too excited for this. I'm gettin' all shaky and twitchy."

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love you, Mary.

And I LOVE the name of that costume shop. Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds, hahahahaha.

Mary K said...

you know, sometimes when I write blogs, I can hear you quote me and say "hahahaha, I love you, Mary." hehe. I'm in your head.