Thursday, April 23, 2009

A history of journals.

Over the past couple of years I've kept dozens and dozens of journals. I decided to go through them the other day, and found some quite hilarious things. I know you won't be able to read some of the text, but oh well. Enjoy:)

P.S. I FREAKING HATE BLOGGERS WAY OF UPLOADING PHOTOS. This took me three days to make. THREE. DAYS. If you read this, you should definitely comment so I know my hard work was worth it. hehe.

Maggie! Melany! Colt! Remember this song? Oh, how we loved it freshman year:)

Plans for my "coffee shop," The Red Door!

Bahahahaha. One of my very first dates.

Maggie-Hover. Laura-Cousin. Noble-Retard.

...what does that first sentance say?

Girls bible study in Jr. High. Anyone remember this?

DIMPLE BOY! comment.


This was from eight grade when Chance and I broke up. I was one sad, sad girl.

Oh, mash. Havn't played this in a while.

This is why I always made 70's in math class in junior high. I DOODLED INSTEAD OF PAYING ATTENTION. Bad Mary, bad!

Magry Shivens! Mary Garvin+Maggie Shirley=Magry Shivens

Upside down love:)


College Possibilities: NYU. HAH! I wish.

Maggie has a five head!

The End.


Marvelous Maggie said...

AH! So many memories!

The Red Door! Magry Shivens! And I remember that picture of us in London! And the one on the page with Laura and Kallie! And I am such a bad artist! Haha, but seriously.

That was fun stuff. :)

But I DID NOT APPRECIATE that fivehead remark.

I love you!


Melany said...

This made me really happy.

And yes, I totally remember that song! It was and still is freaking awesome!

You doodle to the extreme.

Colt said...

You know, a person who didn't knwo you would say,"that girl most smoke a lot of dope!"