Thursday, April 16, 2009


Happy happy happy! This is what I look like when I'm happy, in case you people who don't know me were wondering.
I have the GREAT possibility of going to ACU this fall! HOORAAYYY! At first I didn't really want to tell anyone about this, but I don't care. It's important, right? Anywho, I did not get accepted into Texas State (sad day).
I did not receive this information by mail, however, nor by e-mail.
I got so tired of waiting to know if I got accepted that my aunt Julie and I just marched right up to the admissions office and demanded to know what the decision was (in a nice and lovelier way, though.)
I saw a lady named Mary Something, and Mary Something said that my application had been "declined." I didn't freak out, thank God. In fact, I wasn't all that surprised. But I did want to know why. Who wouldn't?
Mary Something did not want to tell us why. So my aunt bluntly explained that we had driven four and a half hours to find out why, and wasn't leaving without more information. We desired detail, and detail we got.
"It was probably because of your grades. You didn't take any AP courses-well, you took one pre-AP course, but nothing after that. So it was probably that, your GPA, and low class ranking," Mary Something said.
"Did they not look at my extra-curricular activities or anything? My essay?" I said.
"Well, they're required to, but they probably didn't take a good one after they saw your grades." Mary Something said. Ouch.
"You mean, it doesn't matter that she's been writing for the largest regional newspaper and winning state awards in journalism?" my Aunt said.
"Hmmm. Well, that doesn't sound right," Mary Something said, obviously confused. Or just playing dumb. "Let me check your file again."
"Yea, that'd be nice," I said, probably, though unintentionally ,sneering.
After a few raised eyebrows and a long wait, she told me to write an appeal. So, I'm writing an appeal. That's what I've been doing these past few days.
But here's the thing. Right now, ACU is throwing money at me and Tamara Long (ACU Counselor) has been doing absolutely everything she can to get me at ACU. She gave me her cell number, logs on to my FAFSA to help correct errors, and is getting me all sorts of crazy scholarships. With some other scholarships combined with the ones I already have gotten from ACU for journalism, I have about half of my total cost per year already paid for. This means that it will be cheaper, if not equal, for me to go to ACU than it will be for me to go to Texas State or Angelo.
The other thing I've realized is this: Texas State didn't even care about my application, ACU is giving me thousands of dollars for it. Texas State never returns phone calls, I have Tamara Longs cell phone number.
I have always thought that ACU was a better school, but for a while lost faith that it was going to happen since my SAT scores sucked. So out of Austin Community College and Angelo, Texas State was definitely the better choice. And when compared to ACU with no scholarships, if I get in with this appeal, Texas State is better because it's cheaper and close to Austin. And has a beautiful campus and really cool exchange program. I still like and love Texas State, but they don't care about me. I am a number to them. I feel like more than that at ACU, and I really like that.
Plus, that will come in handy when I need a ton of help in math and science or help picking things for my portfolio. If they're helping me pay for my education now, they'll help me later. That matters a lot to me. I havn't made my decision, but these are the things I've been thinking about. If I don't get into Texas State on the appeal, I'm definitely going to ACU. If I do get in, I have more thinking to do.
I could go back and forth all night, so I'm moving on.
I went on a really long drive out in the country yesterday to the bridge KaCee showed me. I blasted worship music the whole way and often got out to lay on my car singing to God in the sunset. When I finally got to the bridge, I found some pretty interesting things.
With my cell phone, camera, and a bottle of mase(?) is my hand like any paranoid photographer would out in the middle of nowhere, I set off to take some pretty cool photos.

I have more, but I don't want to upload them. Uploading pics on here sucks because it re-arranges everything and bla bla bla. Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Nighty night.


Marvelous Maggie said...

Hahahahaha, I like your happy picture.

Tyler said...

Is that the one lane bridge on Ibex highway? And btw, out of pure selfishness I prefer 90-minute-away Mary to 4-hour-away Mary, so (as much as it pains a Tarleton Texan to say this) woo ACU!