Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear reader, I like eggs.

A little, at least. only scrambled though.

Since I am just too excited and frankly sick of my own writing and absolutely in LOVE with my friend Maggie's writing, I am going to make you read what she wrote about me, because it beats how I was going to explain yesterday.

"The phone rang.
I answered and a loud squealing filled my ears. After a few seconds, I realized whatever was squealing was actually saying words. Maybe even forming complete sentences.

"MAAAGGIEEEIAMSOOOHAPPYYYYY!" the squealing thing said.

As it turns out, the squealing thing was Mary, and she was happy that she is finally certain that she is going to ACU. She was giggling and close to hyperventilation as she told me all about it. All about the scholarships, all about her parents, all about the dorms, all about hanging out with Tyler, all about the tire on the side of the road that looked like an animal...

"I'm glad I didn't get coffee 'cause I would be CRAZY right now," she told me laughing.

It's comforting to me that she can reach even higher levels of insanity. The highest I've seen was, like, Level 12: Fat Cats Make Me Laugh, and that was a very frightening experience for everyone in the newsroom.

I love you, Mary! And I'm so happy that you're only going to be thirty minutes away from me! And, of course, that you've finally figured out where you're going to college and everything is working out.
In case you're an idiot, let me tell you what you should have learned from this OTHER than the fact that I'm insane.....
This is a good thing for you, too, reader! No more blogs debating college! Oh how happy you should be. I'm even bored with my own blogs. Maybe now I'll actually have interesting things to sayyy.....
Until then, my friends are fabulous writers, so when I get too boring, you should definitely go read their stuff.

Oke doke. Now Everyone go read Maggies blogs!

And Melany's!

And Colt's!

love love love.

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Marvelous Maggie said...

Haha, Mary, I love you. Your blogs are interesting. I like them.