Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Maggie,

I love this picture of us. We both look fantastic :)
I would really like to start writing short stories for you people to make my blog a little more interesting, but for now, I simply do not have the time or energy, so I will just have to keep you updated on my life. Sound good?

Today was a a blessing wrapped up in pure absurdity. In order to graduate early, I must take 5-6 classes online: Government, Economics, two semesters of English, and a blow off class. Each of these classes was going to cost be $130. Well, today, I found out that this is completely unnecessary. I know this for fact not only because I double checked, but because Mitch Evan's said so, and that itself is good enough for me.

Mitch is one of those people that is simply a lazy genius. Mitch is not the type of lazy that would make you think, "Wow, that guy is so freaking lazy." He's the type of guy that makes you think, "Wow, why am I not doing what he's doing?" He has this odd knack for finding quite efficient and less time consuming ways to do everything. My art class and I have learned various things from Mitch, like how to get college paid for by being the Mascot, how to scam someone, how to write fake checks, where to buy everything cheap, and finally, and most importantly to me, how to clep out of Government and English 4 FREE.

"Hey Mitch, who's your government teacher?" I said during our 6th period art class. I had some questions regarding my ridiculous senior government class, and since he was the only senior in the room, I asked him. Plus he's Mitch, and knows everything.

"I don't have a government teacher. I took that crap online and got it out of the way. Took me three days." He said.

"What?! How much did you pay?"
"Nothin'. I took it through the school and it's some grant thing so it was free, and open book."
"Are you kidding me?!"
"Oh my God."
"Yeah. It's one huge test and it's open book, and if you get a 90 or above, you clep out of the course and get credit for an entire semester."

So basically, I was pissed. But thank GOD I'm going to be able to get a $100 refund for the government class I already enrolled in. Yahoo!

Furious, I stomped down the hall to find my counselor to see if it was too late for me to switch over to the FREE class instead of the $130 class. But she was nowhere to be found, as usual, so I went and asked the teacher who supervises the kids who take online courses. She showed me the course, which didn't look so bad, and then talked to the Vice Principal with me about enrolling me in the free class. I'll know tomorrow if I can take the free ones. Which would be great, because not only is it FREE, its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less time consuming.

I will also be talking to ACU tomorrow with my mom. She wanted to clarify how much money it will cost each month for me to attend, payment plans, things like that. Tonight I broke down the cost for her, but before I sign my letter of intent we want to make sure.

I never really realized how much work I'm putting into college, especially ACU. I'm really, really excited. If you do it right and want a lot of help paying for college, it's a lot of work. I like it though. It makes me take my whole life more seriously.

My (wonderful) boyfriend can't wait to go to college. He's in the Navy right now and has to work from 5am-7pm most days (which means he gets up around 3:30 am). For him, college will be like a vacation. I'm so happy for him. He also gets his school paid for, lucky freaking punk. He wants to go to Austin Community College and then UT at Austin. Man, if I had my freaking school paid for and was interested in film like he is, I'd go to one of the nicest, most expensive film schools there is. But nooooo. Someone just has to live in Austin. Punk. I'm so jealous. haha
I'm going to bed now. Wasn't this post interesting?!?! :(


Marvelous Maggie said...

It WAS interesting! Everything you said about Mitch made me laugh, haha.

And I love that picture too! We are, for lack of a more appropriate phrase, pretty sexy.

Haha, I love you!

pherenike said...

Lucky bug. Yeah all of it is really just luck and connections along with that bit of smarts, right? My mom went through the university I go to and graduated. She found out a way for me to entirely skip my junior and senior years of high school so I went straight into college. Yeah, it was rockin'. I'll be in college five years, mind, but I'll still be a year ahead of the rest of my class. It's good to have people like that around, for sure.

Mary K said...

yes, it is awesome! hooray for higher education! haha