Thursday, April 16, 2009


This post is a little ironic because I'm in newspaper SUPPOSED to be brainstorming questions for my story, but instead, I'm brainstorming ideas for a tattoo/painting I may or may not have someday. If you haven't noticed the majority of my posts are like post it notes for me. I may or may not get tattoo, but in case I do, I need some reminders of what types of things I like (yes, I do forget). They aren't really for anyones benefit but mine. haha. My blogger is becoming a filing cabinet of to-do's. So here's my post it note/file for tattoos. Enjoy.

I love how the majority of the tattoos I like are exemplified by half-naked women. Awesome. BUT, this is my favorite tattoo so far. It comes closest to what I have in my head. I only really like the girl with the banner over her eyes. The flowers I would change to white and pink english roses (featured below) and I would put different words. I also like the little heart on her wrist. But the placing of the main tattoo she's showing us is almost exaclty where I'd want mine. That's one ginormous tattoo though. But I do likes it :) Sparrow on the right, me likey.

I loooooooooooove this tattooo....

Doves on the stomach

This is an extremely good example of what I do NOT want. CHEEESSSYYYYY!

Oh, Megan Fox. Pretty lady.
I pray to God my hair will one day be this long. I like these rib cage tattoos, but accoding to my wonderful boyfriend, they hurt like none other.

I wouldn't get this exact image, but I like the vines and rose.
Okay, definitely will not be getting an Obama tatto, but I like this banner style a lot.

Here comes the flower parade. I don't know which kind of flower I would get, but I'd like two or three big ones on my side.

These are my favorite, english roses. Like the detail on the side of the banner.

I definitely would like to try a monroe peircing :) and my nose maybe.

More to come, I'm sure.

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