Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well this is interesting.

I was curious of the benefits of running, so of course, I did what any American would do. I googled it.

"Some runners view their running as a remedy. The psychological benefits of running far outweigh the physical demands. In fact, running is often used to treat clinical depression and other psychological disorders. Furthermore, some doctors claim that running works as well as psychotherapy in helping patients with clinical depression. Running makes patients less tense, less depressed, less fatigued, and less confused. It gives patients something other than their depression to focus on, as it removes from the world around them into their own liminal zone. While studies show that running is a natural tranquilizer, its effects on patients with clinical depression, addictions, and disease are remarkable."

Hmmm. Maybe I'll go run tonight.


shelbyisms. said...

You know, today has really been the worst day, and when I read the passage about "googling it," I laughed out loud. Thank you.

Also, I read your last post, and I, as well, function better by myself. I typically end up cleaning, too!

Mary K said...

aww, haha. i like you. youre nice. thank you!