Friday, March 20, 2009

An update.

So, as you know, I am in the process of going to college. Here's what's going on:

My options are Texas State, Angelo State, Abilene Christian University, and last but definitely least, Austin Community College. I've been accepted into Angelo and Abilene Christian, but haven't received word from Texas State. My FAFSA is confusing as crap, and was apparently rejected because of some error in the "signature page." So, that's not good, but I'm sure it'll get resolved.

Okay. If I go to Texas State, that would be great, BUT I wouldn't really enjoy commuting to Austin all the time for potential internships at Rare Magazine or Texas Monthly or just to see my Dad. But, I really love the school and campus and am pretty confident I would love it there. I didn't make the scholarship deadline though, so I might have to go and just take out a loan, or just wait until I can transfer in or something like that... I do love their campus thought. It's what I always wanted my college campus to be like. Big, but squished together so you don't get lost.

I've heard that I definitely would not like Angelo State, but who knows. I don't know, I've never been there. It's supposedly out in the middle of nowhere and is a lot like Abilene, which is okay I guess. I'd probably transfer to Texas State or something after I used up all of my scholarships there (if I get any). According to Google Maps, it's 4.5 hours away from Austin, which I do NOT like, and 1.5 hours from home, which is sorta nice. Like I said, probably would transfer out. They do have an Academy store in San Angelo, though, where I could work and possibly get their Tuition Reimbursement benefit.

Abilene Christian is still an extremely good option, but I feel like I would eventually transfer out because I would get so sick of Abilene and want to be closer to my dad. So, I really don't know what's going to happen there.

The only reason Austin Community College is even an option is this: Internships in Austin, living with Dad, and hopefully being able to transfer to UT at Austin. But...I didn't graduate early to live with daddy and go to community college. I don't want that for myself, and I never have. The only way I would feel okay with that is it I had lots of cool jobs and internships at good magazines. Otherwise...I would just really feel bad about myself.

I'm so sad that I'm not going to art school. Lately I've really been realizing just how hard it's been hitting me. I really, really, am so disappointed about it. I always get stuff in the mail from all the schools I once thought I'd be going to, and I'm not gonna lie...sometimes I'll just sit and stare at them and be frustrated for a while. Maryland Institute College of Art's campus was amazing. It honestly felt like home. But I know God wants me in journalism...or at least Texas for now, so I'll find peace in that. I really love and miss Maryland though. It's called Mary-land for a reason, you know. It's perfect. Baltimore made me speechless. I can't even begin to explain it's wonderfulness. Maybe I'll go there someday and get a wonderful little apartment. Ahh, that'd be wonderful.

Okay, I'm getting sad now thinking about art school. So, basically, I will know where I'm going after I figure out the financial aid awards from each school. Till then, I'll keep you people updated. Sound good?

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julieluce said...

Looks like we need to have another chat, huh, girlie? We SHALL prevail!!! I'm going to be in Austin the week of April 5th -9th. Will you be there on Sunday the 5th?
I'd like to visit those campuses that week and see what I can scare up in the way of a solution for you. What do you think?