Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lions Roar Photography

Some of my favorite photos from this year's school newspaper. More to come, I'm sure. All are unedited though, just so ya know. Some of the bylines are all screwed up because blogger is gay and keeps rearranging my photos, but just ignore it. I'm too lazy to fix it.

Photo by Keely Tinkle(?)

Photo by Colt Keller (?)

Photo by Keely Tinkle

Photo by Kaityln Wiloth

Photo by Keely Tinkle

Photo by Maggie Shirley (Welcome to the Feed Store)

Photo by Melany Maurer "Where do students get their news?"

Photo by Colt Keller

Photo by Keely Tinkle

Photo by Colt Keller

Photo by Mary Garvin (That bump would be a bullet)

Photo by Mary Garvin (No more bullet)

Photo by Maggie Shirley

Photo by Mary Garvin (We actually weren't allowed to use this photo because there's too much skin showing)

Photo by Melany Maurer "Junior paints her dream"

Photo by Mary Garvin

Photo by Mary Garvin

Photo by Mary Garvin

Photo by Mary Garvin

Friday, March 20, 2009

An update.

So, as you know, I am in the process of going to college. Here's what's going on:

My options are Texas State, Angelo State, Abilene Christian University, and last but definitely least, Austin Community College. I've been accepted into Angelo and Abilene Christian, but haven't received word from Texas State. My FAFSA is confusing as crap, and was apparently rejected because of some error in the "signature page." So, that's not good, but I'm sure it'll get resolved.

Okay. If I go to Texas State, that would be great, BUT I wouldn't really enjoy commuting to Austin all the time for potential internships at Rare Magazine or Texas Monthly or just to see my Dad. But, I really love the school and campus and am pretty confident I would love it there. I didn't make the scholarship deadline though, so I might have to go and just take out a loan, or just wait until I can transfer in or something like that... I do love their campus thought. It's what I always wanted my college campus to be like. Big, but squished together so you don't get lost.

I've heard that I definitely would not like Angelo State, but who knows. I don't know, I've never been there. It's supposedly out in the middle of nowhere and is a lot like Abilene, which is okay I guess. I'd probably transfer to Texas State or something after I used up all of my scholarships there (if I get any). According to Google Maps, it's 4.5 hours away from Austin, which I do NOT like, and 1.5 hours from home, which is sorta nice. Like I said, probably would transfer out. They do have an Academy store in San Angelo, though, where I could work and possibly get their Tuition Reimbursement benefit.

Abilene Christian is still an extremely good option, but I feel like I would eventually transfer out because I would get so sick of Abilene and want to be closer to my dad. So, I really don't know what's going to happen there.

The only reason Austin Community College is even an option is this: Internships in Austin, living with Dad, and hopefully being able to transfer to UT at Austin. But...I didn't graduate early to live with daddy and go to community college. I don't want that for myself, and I never have. The only way I would feel okay with that is it I had lots of cool jobs and internships at good magazines. Otherwise...I would just really feel bad about myself.

I'm so sad that I'm not going to art school. Lately I've really been realizing just how hard it's been hitting me. I really, really, am so disappointed about it. I always get stuff in the mail from all the schools I once thought I'd be going to, and I'm not gonna lie...sometimes I'll just sit and stare at them and be frustrated for a while. Maryland Institute College of Art's campus was amazing. It honestly felt like home. But I know God wants me in journalism...or at least Texas for now, so I'll find peace in that. I really love and miss Maryland though. It's called Mary-land for a reason, you know. It's perfect. Baltimore made me speechless. I can't even begin to explain it's wonderfulness. Maybe I'll go there someday and get a wonderful little apartment. Ahh, that'd be wonderful.

Okay, I'm getting sad now thinking about art school. So, basically, I will know where I'm going after I figure out the financial aid awards from each school. Till then, I'll keep you people updated. Sound good?


So, I actually made a separate blog site JUST for blogs like this because I was afraid of what my male readers might think. Well, male readers, this is what I have to say to you:

I AM A FEMALE. I THINK OF WEDDINGS, JEWELRY, AND CHOCOLATE ON AN HOURLY BASIS. IT'S IN MY DNA. IT MAKES ME HAPPY. If you have a problem with this, please contact my creator (God) to state your complaint. Thank you, and enjoy my girly, obsessive blog.

Every time there's a formal event, I always get some dress that I like at first, but then hate later. I do NOT want this to be the case with my wedding dress, so on occasion I look around at what's out there. It's exciting! And it's me. Who loves dresses and jewelry more than I do? No one, that's who.

This girl looks like my singing idol, Zooey Deschanel, so obviously, I am prone to like her. Not only was she born with good looks, she was apparently born with a very good taste in fashion. Zooey lookalike, I like your hair (and dress), and thus have earned a spot in my blog.

I really hate my hair being soaked in hairspray, which is how this hairstyle looks like it was done, but i do like it.

I found this on a wedding photographer's site. It's cuteness has won me over. Can I get an, "Awwwwww,"?

Dropped waist lines are da bomb digity. I don not, however, fancy the fancy bead work. No thank you.

Hehe. There's no way I'd get a wedding dress that looked like this. But I do like the off the shoulder's thing. Ah, old Vogue.

Okay, I definitely wouldn't wear this, BUT, it is an amazing discovery. Who knew you could have a wedding dress embroidered...with COLORS? How cool is that? I love this. I want to do this.

Just like the heart shape bust.

Ahh, this I would totally have on my wedding dress. Yes. This is amazing.

Does this not just make you smile, girls?

Goood God.
I love pretty jewelry. This is amazing. It looks like something out of Anastasia.

How have I not thought of this yet? This is genious! Having that frilly stuff dyed a certain color....genious. I have to do this. Have to.

Okay, this is not a new idea for me. I've always wanted to wear glass slippers on my special day just like Cinderella. I'm smart.

I just like her hair. Kinda sorta.

Buttons, and rosey embroidery on the back.

I loooooooove this embroidery.

I like the bows and how the top fabric pops out. I mean, the colors probably wouldn't be navy. But you know.

Okay. I'm done now.
For now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well this is interesting.

I was curious of the benefits of running, so of course, I did what any American would do. I googled it.

"Some runners view their running as a remedy. The psychological benefits of running far outweigh the physical demands. In fact, running is often used to treat clinical depression and other psychological disorders. Furthermore, some doctors claim that running works as well as psychotherapy in helping patients with clinical depression. Running makes patients less tense, less depressed, less fatigued, and less confused. It gives patients something other than their depression to focus on, as it removes from the world around them into their own liminal zone. While studies show that running is a natural tranquilizer, its effects on patients with clinical depression, addictions, and disease are remarkable."

Hmmm. Maybe I'll go run tonight.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it Thursday?

So last week I had the flu and missed three days of school, and now I have strep and have to miss two. I can go back tomorrow, but we have a UIL meet and we leave at 8:15 am Friday morning. Then it's spring break. So really, I am going to be extremely behind in all of my classes when I get back. I have to go to school in a little bit to get all my work. Sometime today I also have to call the judge in Austin about the ticket I got for running a stop sign. Ugh, that was so embarrassing.

So, I'm starting to stress out horribly about college now. I wasn't worried at all when I thought I was going to ACU with a ton of scholarships, but now that I'm probably not going to ACU because I have NO scholarships (so far) there, I don't know what to do with myself. I wouldn't be so worried if I had made the deadline for scholarships at Texas State, which I didn't. I didn't even know I was graduating early when their scholarship deadline passed. So, clearly, I've missed that one. Arg! I made Angelo State's deadline, but everyone (minus maybe two people) who I've talked to about Angelo advises I shouldn't go there because I'm "Not an Angelo girl." I don't exactly know what that means, but I don't really want to go there anyway. I mean, granted I know nothing about the school, so I couldn't possibly know I don't want to go there,
but I do know that it's an hour and a half from home, and 4 and a half hours from Austin. If I'm not going to ACU, the goal is to be closer to Austin, not farther.

I don't know what I'm doing any more, and I'm glad I don't have to know. It's relaxing to know that everything that's happening is a part of God's (sometimes annoying and confusing) plan. Sometimes I feel like I'm not making good decisions while other times I remember how God has led me to this decision and that I know I wouldn't back out. With ACU, everything has been working out. With Texas State...having a hard time there. I mean, it's not horrible and completely not working out, but it's not going nearly as smoothly as ACU. So maybe God is going to put me at ACU after all. How do you know where God wants you? When he makes things harder-or easier?

The trouble is, it's hard for me to say "He will get me to ACU" because now I'd kind of rather be at Texas State. I actually don't really have a preference, so all I can say is that God's going to work his magic and I will be taken care of. Even still, it's driving me crazy having to wait.

To everyone who's not graduating this year, seriously. Listen to your parents when they tell you to start looking at scholarships and college deadlines. Don't wait. Waiting sucks.

Anyway, after I went to the doctor yesterday I had to go to Breckenridge to get my medicine. When I got there, some of the same workers who were there when I locked my keys in my car there last week saw me and asked how I was doing. It was nice. I like nice people. The pharmacy, again, took forever, so I went to subway and ate. When I came back I still had about 30 minutes, so I walked around getting groceries and decided to buy The Notebook and Charlie Bartlett. I also decided to buy a yoga and pilates kit, which is awesome. It came with miniature medicine balls, a huge inflatable ball, two skretchy rope things, and a really crappily made (yet useful and instuctive) workout DVD. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I truly do not feel sick at all. I'm just really tired and cough constantly. The doctor thinks I'm contagious so I'm quarantined in my house till Friday. So working out is possible. I used it last night and it was amusing how unbalanced I am. A lot of the exercises were about balance, so of course I failed miserably. I'm hoping that these workouts help though. haha

My mom was out of town from Sunday till Tuesday so I had the house to myself. It was amazing. On one hand, it really didn't feel that different because my mom and I only really talk if she needs something or I need her credit card or advice. Or we're watching Burn Notice together. But it was nice to be alone. I love being alone. I get more done. I cleaned my room and bathroom, the kitchen, and mopped and swept, just because I felt like it. I made dinner for myself and then did the dishes. It was surprising to me I could actually function better alone than with other humans. Hmm. So this is what college will be like?

I wrote this blog on Thursday but it is now Friday. I am happy this morning. I had a wonderful alarm clack wake me up, two actually, Mikey and Megan. So, of course, I was very very happy. I'm going to the overnight UIL meet this weekend, very very excited about that. Bottom line, I don't feel sick! WOO HOO!