Monday, February 16, 2009


As I pace back in forth in my kitchen waiting for a wonderful phone call, I realized something so exciting that I literally screamed.

There are cookies in the back seat of my moms car.

I screamed, jumped in the air, and ran barefoot outside to steal my mother's cookies. We bought the oh-so-delcious cookies this morning while we were waiting for my stupid doctors appointment, and we never finished the box. I grabbed them, came back inside, and ate the whole box.

Over the last few months, and understand I in no way mean to condemn my mother or anything, I've realized she is probably the worst person to pick up eating habits from.

"Mary, make us some brownies!"

"What? Mom its 12:30 AM. I am not making you brownies."

And then this morning.

"Mom, why are you pulling into dollar general?"

"There's an important mission that needs to be completed."

Minutes later, she returned with a box of Devil's Food Chocolate Cookies, at 9 AM. Nice. Even though I hate this junk food addiction she has, I have to admit I'm no health freak. In fact, I am way worse than her in some ways. For example: After I wrote a story over teen weight issues and heard all these girls talk about counting calories and stuff, I've been curiously doing the same. Not for the sake of being skinny, because I really am not educated enough on the subject for it to really be effective. Anyway, I was at Prairie Star one day and had a craving for a Midnight Milky Way (oh my God, so good), but I was curious about how many calories this was compared to my other craving, a bag of pretzels. It turns out they were about the same, even though I thought pretzels would be "healthier." And by healthier, I mean have less calories. Which I know is false.

But this is why I know that I am way more ridiculous than my mom with eating habits. I was at the grocery store and, again, let my calorie curiosity get the best of me. I wanted chocolate (its a girl thing), but I didn't know whether I should go with the Devils Food Cake cookies or Zebra Cakes. I discovered that Devil's Food Cake Cookies were 50 calories a piece, and Zebra Cakes (2) were like 400. So I decided that I should get the Devil's Food Cake Cookies because I figured I could eat more which would fill me up more, and still not eat as many "calories." I ended up eating the whole box in about..oh I don't know, five minutes. So, really, I probably ate about the same amount of calories. Well, one box of the Devil cookies is about equal to maybe 4 Zebra Cakes, but that's not the point.

The point is, every time I seem to point out something I don't like in someone else, it ends up being my own problem that I'm hating, and not the person themselves. Interesting.


Marvelous Maggie said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, Mary.

Colt said...

haha....I can picture you all serious and pacing and all of a sudden being like COOKIES!!!!!!....your a weirdo and I love you!!!