Monday, January 26, 2009

Well this is odd.

So, today I was trying to figure out exactly how much time I need to finish Jane Eyre (26 pages a day to finish in 14 days) and all of my online classes. I figured out that I have about 30 lessons for all five classes or so classes I will have to take to graduate by May. Which seems like a lot, because it is, but doesn't that mean that if I did a lesson a day then I would finish five classes in thirty days?


Am I wrong? 'Cause that just seems to...odd. Too short. You shouldn't be able to finish five high school classes in just thirty days. I mean really, you shouldn't. I mean...I don't know that I really could finish a lesson a day because some of them are pretty long and what not, and I have a lot going on...but if I really made use of my time then I should be able to. And four out of the five classes have final exams I'd have to tudy for and take, but all of the lessons could be done in thirty days. In fact, if I a lotted 3 days to study for each final and one day to take it, that'd make it 48 days to completely finish all of them.

But thirty days?


Thirty lessons. Thirty days. High school graduation in 122 days. SAT scores in 16 days, college acceptance letter a few days after that...what?



A Nice Kind of Mean said...

I've read Jane Eyre. It's a great book. I cried at the end (don't worry I haven't spoiled anything).

I want to reread the book since the one that I read was the abridged version.

Good luck with your lessons and finals!

Mary K said...

aww thank you:)

and yes, I love Jane Eyre. I think I'm going to go on an insane 18th century novel binge.

A Nice Kind of Mean said...

You should read The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier. It's 18 century-ish and a pretty good book.