Saturday, November 29, 2008

Like wind.

I want to be swallowed whole by you. I want to be inevitably surrounded and consumed by you. I want to become like you and apart of you. I want to be essential to your movement, a key element. I want to be lifted as high as possible just so I can shine so bright I shut out darkness. What a pleasure and privilege you are my Heavenly Father. So wonderful You are that you would only desire happiness for me. I am astounded that you can actually perfect the broken, and conceal innocence.

I wonder if I'll ever understand your nature even a little. I feel like wind, so inconsistent and lacking the means to be solidified long enough to gain understanding. But God I want to be all of Yours and only Yours. You are good enough that even if only perril follows my commitment it would be worth it. But to know that happiness only resides in you, how you move in me without touching me, without hurting me, makes it all so worth it. Everything id for You. For once, I hold not one spec back from you. You can take it all.

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